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Towards the future in a responsible manner

Supporting the environment and society

As a transnational company, UTA Edenred is aware of its responsibility towards the environment as well as society and is committed to environmental protection and road safety.

One example is our awareness of the serious role of climate change. Through the services we offer, we already contribute to the promotion of alternative, environmentally friendly fuels. Additionally, we participate in the GOGREEN and PRINT GREEN initiatives to reduce the emission of CO2. At the same time, we contribute to road safety and as one of the first companies to sign the "European Road Safety Charter", we strive to realise the charter's main goal of reducing the number of casualties from road accidents within EU countries by half by the year 2020. This is highlighted in our partnership with DocStop and our cooperation with TÜV Rheinland, as well as our offer of secure truck parks throughout Europe with our UTA Edenred parking service.

On the next pages, you can learn more about the responsible initiatives UTA Edenred has joined.