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Our commitment to stop climate change

Responsibility for the environment

As one of the leading companies within our industry, we recognise the importance of climate change.

By participating in the GOGREEN and PRINT GREEN initiatives, we do our part to reduce CO2 emissions.


Eco-minded with PRINT GREEN

Environmentally friendly printing and copying at UTA Edenred

Print Green is an environmental initiative by printer and copying machine manufacturer Kyocera. Printing systems lead to CO2 emissions through their daily use. To compensate for these, Kyocera works together with the climate protection organisation myclimate, who is engaged in climate protection projects throughout the world. By means of these climate protection projects, any arising emissions are offset in other fields. This led to the founding of PRINT GREEN in order to purposefully fight climate change.

UTA Edenred has joined this initiative and has changed to environmentally friendly printing and copying processes - and we do this Europe-wide! Even the use of toner occurs in a climate-neutral manner. Therefore, our printing and copying systems carry the PRINT GREEN label.

By taking this measure, we facilitate the installation of "efficient stoves" in Kenya. This leads to a large reduction in local deforestation as well as the protection of the population's health.
The projects supported by myclimate are certified and comply with the worldwide, high standards for CO2 compensation.
In this way, UTA Edenred makes its contribution to offset a few tonnes of CO2 each year.

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Climate-neutral mail delivery with GO GREEN

We send our mail in a climate-neutral way through Deutsche Post DHL

GOGREEN is the environmentally friendly way of sending mail through Deutsche Post DHL.

The daily delivery of letters and packages of any kind leads to the emission of CO2 as well. These are calculated and communicated to us by Deutsche Post DHL, following a strictly licenced process. Through the GOGREEN initiative and its affiliated climate protection projects worldwide, we are able to compensate the arising CO2 emissions by taking targeted, local measures.

This way, we can also label our mail "climate-neutral" and protect our natural resources. For this contribution, we receive a yearly certificate from Deutsche Post DHL.