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On the rolling road with the HGV

With the UTA card your HGV can be efficiently transported via the rails of the rolling road.

The UTA combined traffic services enable you to have your entire HGV loaded onto a train by one of our service partners and thus benefit in various ways. One such example is that the time of transport via the rolling road is credited towards the rest period required by law. This means your HGV driver can rest in the couchette while the transport continues. This also allows you to circumvent the ban on driving at night, on Sunday and on holidays. Fuel and toll savings further add to the efficiency of combined traffic.

Almost all HGVs registered in Europe can be transported via the rails of the rolling road (abbreviated "RoRo") without the need for logistical conversions or investments. Our partners for combined traffic can get you to your destination economically. With your UTA card you can use the rolling road service in Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland. This makes the combined traffic service with its many advantages the perfect addition to road transport.


In summary, the combined traffic service has the following advantages:


  • Less pollution due to lower CO2 emissions

  • Circumvention of ban on driving at night, on Sunday and on holidays

  • Toll savings

  • Pro-rata vehicle tax refund or tax benefits

  • The time on rails is considered rest time for your drivers

  • Fuel cost savings

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