Europewide secure parking with ParkWell, the UTA Parking Service

UTA offers a wide network of HGV parking throughout Europe.

Our parking service includes both HGV parking in the traditional sense (standard parking) and so-called "secured parking". With the UTA card or an on-board unit (OBU), you can quickly and conveniently settle any parking fees cashless. Our europewide network of HGV parking spaces thus facilitates your settlement transactions. And with our transparent accounting system you always have a clear overview of the parking fees. You no longer need to collect individual parking receipts.


Secure parking spaces - Monitored parking

Protect your personnel and cargo by using secured parking lots.

The number of cargo thefts and attacks on HGV drivers is rising rapidly in Europe. This causes losses in the billions every year. It is thus increasingly important to have secure parking. Even if a freight carrier is insured in case of emergency, there is no guarantee that the insurance will cover all costs. To prevent this from happening in the first place, it makes sense to increase the safety of your HGVs by having your drivers use secure parking. In this way the transport of your cargo and the safety of your drivers can be guaranteed without taking unnecessary risks with HGV parking facilities.

In order to offer your drivers the best possible protection along motorways during the mandatory rest periods, UTA works with operators of secure parking areas throughout Europe. Our partners offer the following as standard:

  • Video monitoring

  •  Lighted parking area

  • Entry and exit checks

  • Barriers and gates

  • Licence plate registration

  • Fencing (including electric fences, barbed wire)

  • Security guards

An overview of secured HGV parking in Europe where the parking fees can be settled via UTA acceptance media (UTA card, on-board units) can be found here:


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