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Quick and easy customs clearance at borders

Our service partners can help you clear customs quickly and easily, allowing you to get back on the road at the border in no time. Our border clearance service for HGVs serves as a neutral partner to handle the customs procedures at key border crossings. More than 40 customs offices in ten countries are at your disposal to communicate with relevant customs officials on behalf of your company. A customs office can help you, for example, if you don't have relevant knowledge of a foreign trade law or the most up-to-date information for the processing of exports. This means you don't need any country-specific know-how to export goods. Minimised waiting times and swift processing at border crossings make your trips more efficient and your working day more productive.

 The UTA border clearance service is offered in the following countries:

  • Belgium

  • Germany

  • Italy

  • Croatia

  • Luxembourg

  • Austria

  • Poland

  • Switzerland

  • Slovenia

Become an acceptance partner for ​​border clearance service today!

Benefit from UTA's international network

As a UTA acceptance partner, you'll benefit from UTA's reputation and extensive network of pan-European mobility suppliers.

This will enable you to acquire customers at an international level. In collaboration with UTA, you'll benefit from marketing activities that will broaden your reach.

This will help you increase both your customer base and sales. As your billing partner, UTA Edenred provides security and clarity through consolidated, consistent billing.

Your customers will also benefit from simple, cashless processing.

Border clearance with UTA Edenred is easy; get advice now:

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