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Enjoy numerous advantages as a UTA acceptance partner!

Increase your visibility and your sales in the international UTA network!

As a UTA acceptance partner, you benefit from numerous advantages thanks to the positive image of the UTA fuel card in the transport and logistics industry. Increase the attractiveness of your location as a location where UTA is accepted and gain numerous new international customers who travel Europe's roads daily! Through placement in the UTA station finder, you will pique the interest of UTA customers for your individual offering and can enjoy an increase in sales.

Whether you are a fuel station operator, a workshop owner, a towing company, a tyre store, or a car wash owner: your customers will come to appreciate the convenience offered by the acceptance of the UTA card and the associated cashless handling of your services. In addition, as a UTA partner you can collaborate with European network operators for register systems and enjoy our marketing support. Become part of the UTA acceptance network with more than 70,100 locations where UTA is accepted in Europe, including 54,700 fuel stations! Get access to our network of over 1.4 million customers in more than 40 countries.

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Your advantages as a UTA acceptance partner:

  • International customer acquisition 
    Get direct access to UTA's international network and benefit from UTA's strong repuation.

  • Increase sales
    Leverage UTA customer growth to increase your sales volume long term.

  • Simple and rapid authorisation of UTA cards
    Use UTA Relax digital payment authorisation in addition to classic payment terminals and telephone authorisation.
    With UTA Relax, you can even accept payments using a smartphone, securing UTA's payment guarantee.

  • Cashless settlement and easy card handling
    Simplify billing for your customers by offering them cashless processing via their UTA card.

  • Digital processing
    Offer customers mobile payment options at the fuel pump.
    In addition, customers can book and prepay selected services at your station.
    That means increased planning accuracy for you and easier transactions for your customers.

  • Attractive pricing models
    Profit from our partner and customer pricing structure and secure your own pricing model.

  • Benefit from UTA communications
    Leverage powerful UTA advertising materials to increase your customer base. And boost your profile and sales in a targeted manner through placement on UTA communications channels such as the UTA Station Finder app, UTA Smart Cockpit, customer mailings and social media.
    Furthermore, targeted promotions will generate additional customer interest and awareness.

  • Close cooperation
    Participate in exclusive UTA station networks such as UTA Pro to drive additional awareness.

Digital authorisation: easier payments

Is your card terminal out of order? Don't have a card terminal? In the past, this would mean you'd have to authorise a telephone payment. At UTA, we know this process is often slow and complex. To resolve the issue, we offer digital authorisation capabilities to our acceptance partners. That means you can authorise payments even if you don't have a payment terminal. And relax!

Save time by authorising payments online, even using your smartphone or tablet.

Simply log into the tool and authorise payment. Within minutes, you'll receive a UTA payment guarantee.

Join UTA's partner network today and begin to enjoy its advantages!


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