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Best fuel network for all needs

Thousands of fuel stations near you at all times – with the UTA card

Whether your fleet is active regionally, nationally or internationally: With UTA Edenred, you have a national, cross-brand fuel network at your disposal. The high number of locations where UTA is accepted ensures you are always supplied with fuel. With your fuel card, you can conveniently fuel your HGVs at 63,400 fuel stations in 36 countries. The fuel stations are located both within city limits and in close proximity to motorways, as well as at strategically important junctions along motorways and main traffic routes in Europe - always nearby when you need them!

You can also opt to have full control over transactions made with UTA cards. With our cost-effective UTA Transaction Notification service, you'll receive alerts about new transactions (except toll and offline transactions) by email or SMS, enabling you to react quickly in the event of abuse.

The UTA card also ensures planning accuracy thanks to alternative pricing models. For example, UTA Edenred offers the possibility of refuelling at a fixed price over a certain period of time with selected suppliers. This makes fuel costs predictable.

Our affordable UTA partner stations save you time and money, and the UTA fuel card gives you flexibility.

Tank planning can be made even more effective with the UTA SmartCockpit® online application, which recommends the most economical fuel stations along your route.

One toll box for many countries

Convenient processing of all important tolls in Europe

Whether with fuel card or toll box - UTA Edenred always has the right solution for your needs! With our national and interoperable toll boxes you can settle the toll fees for 51 tolls in 27 countries cashlessly and save time and money. Additional discounts of up to 50% complement the attractive advantages that you enjoy as a UTA customer!

We always keep our goal in mind: The interoperable on-board unit UTA One® next, with which you can drive through Europe across borders. This means you only need a single OBU for your HGV. Away with countless toll boxes on your windshield!

UTA One® next currently offers you 17 toll contexts in 15 countries: Belgium incl. Liefkenshoek tunnel, Denmark (incl. bridges and ferries), Germany, France, Italy (incl. ferries of the shipping company Cantone), Norway (incl. ferries, bridges, tunnels and motorways), Hungary, Austria, Poland (A4, Katowice - Krakow) and. e-TOLL route network, Portugal, Sweden (incl. bridges and ferries), Switzerland incl. Liechtenstein and Spain. Our coverage will continue to expand, too.

With the UTA telematics service UTA SmartConnect® you can also easily upgrade your UTA One® - for a transparent, real-time overview of your fleet across Europe!

Various additional services

Numerous vehicle and mobility services for your fleet

The UTA card offers additional access to a wide range of vehicle and mobility services from professional and qualified providers. Our broad network of cooperation partners offers repair, tyre, and breakdown services for your vehicle fleet. You can also benefit from special vehicle cleanings (both thorough interior and exterior wash) and the additional offering of fuel stations with connected shops for purchases of vehicle accessories.

Our mobility services include tunnel, bridge, and ferry services, which you can use to continue your trip comfortably, as well as combined traffic services, where your HGV is transported through combined road-rail transport. Or take advantage of the convenient HGV rental offers from our partners to supplement your fleet on short notice! Secure truck parks, where your drivers and your valuable cargo enjoy protection during the legally prescribed rest periods, as well as convenient border clearing services by neutral providers round off our wide range of services.

As a competent and experienced partner, we also help you to reduce your tax burden. We have many years of expertise in determining and recovering your potential reimbursement claims for value added tax and excise duty. Find out more about the UTA refund service!

As you can see: UTA Edenred always has the right solution for you!