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Numerous pricing benefits for your fleet

Save a tonne of money as a fleet manager with UTA Edenred!

As a UTA customer, you benefit from more than 55 years of experience in the area of cashless services on the road. With our attractive pricing models and discounts, you save money in more than 73,500 locations where UTA is accepted in Europe. Thanks to brand independence, your driver can always refuel along the established route without having to take lengthy detours. With our toll boxes and cards, you also receive attractive discounts at numerous toll stations in European countries!

In addition to various savings opportunities, we offer convenient services and user-friendly tools that help you to optimise and simplify fleet management. Thus, as a fleet manager, you have numerous online services available via our customer portal, through which you can find transparent reporting and fiscally-compliant billing that can be imported into your fleet management software. That way, you always have a complete overview of your fleet and know exactly where and when they have to refuel or which vehicle has accrued what costs.

Efficient fleet administration with UTA Edenred

Always maintain an overview of your fleet

With the UTA SmartCockpit® online application, you can use convenient and efficient tank planning to find the most economical petrol stations along your route - based on your individual requirements. This can significantly reduce your fuel costs.

Our cost-effective UTA Transaction Notification service alerts you in real-time via email or SMS about new UTA fuel card transactions (except for toll and offline transactions) for full transparency and control. More information can be found in the UTA customer portal.

Via the UTA customer portal, you can easily administer your fuel cards and toll boxes. You can also react to changes in your fleet and fuel cards quickly; order fuel cards and toll boxes - and disable them if necessary; and, if required, set limits for the number and daily usage amounts of your UTA cards. The UTA station finder and the UTA app will also help your drivers to plan stops at - or find - suitable fuel or service stations along their routes. Regardless of whether you are in the office or on the go, there are several solutions available to help you save time and energy every day. Stay flexible with UTA Edenred!

Full service for your company

All from one provider

UTA Edenred offers you numerous comprehensive services for your fleet in Europe. It does not matter with which or with how many vehicle types your fleet is equipped. Whether passenger cars, HGVs or buses: UTA Edenred is your main partner when it comes to mobility. Make use of our wide range of cashless fuel cards, toll boxes and vehicles and mobility services . Your drivers will also benefit from the flexibility and efficiency, and can thus focus on their routes without worry.
Or utilise our expert service offerings for tax-related matters: The reimbursement of Value Added Tax and excise duty becomes a simple and regulated matter with the  UTA refund service . This gives you more time to focus on your company and your fleet administration.


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