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The toll box for Belarus

Using this on-board unit for the toll system BelToll, you can settle accruing toll fees in Belarus easily and cashlessly. UTA offers your the possibility of settling the toll via a postpay procedure. Order your BelToll on-board unit easily from UTA and use the convenient advantages of an electronic toll box on your trips through the Republic of Belarus!


Vehicles > 3.5 t

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    Send the completed order form as well as an authorisation to UTA.
    Order form for the BelToll toll box | Authorisation for collection

    In addition, we require copies of the following documents:
    • Trade register excerpt or business registration
    • Vehicle registration for each vehicle to be registered
    • Proof of the emissions class (if this is not identified in the vehicle registration, please send us additional proof, such as, for example: CEMT approval, a COP document, or a manufacturer notification)
    • Rental or leasing contract (if your vehicles are rental or leasing vehicles)

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    Within 2-3 working days after ordering, you will receive a pickup notification. With the presentation of the original vehicle registration and the authorisation for pickup, the toll box can be picked up at the distribution locations in Belarus. It will be personalised as well as activated on-site and is then immediately ready for use.

    Please contact us for a tailored offer.

    The BelToll toll box is easily attached to the windscreen of the vehicle using adhesive strips. For vehicles with metalized windscreens, a two-component OBU is delivered.

    Through Belarus with UTA!

    Order your BelToll OBU easily from UTA! This way, you stay mobile and flexible on your trips through Belarus at all times. We're happy to answer any questions you have.

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