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Our interoperable toll solutions are ideal if you drive in a limited number of European countries. They are intuitive to use and make paying tolls easy. Below are solutions for specific EU countries.


Denmark, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Sweden

for vehicles < 12t

UTA MultiBox® light

France, Spain, Portugal, Liefkenshoektunnel (BE)

for vehicles > 3.5t

Telepass EU

France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Poland (A4: Kraków - Katowice), Liefkenshoektunnel (BE)

for vehicles > 3.5t

UTA One® Move

France, Portugal, Spain and Italy (including Milan)

for vehicles ≤ 3.5t

Toll Collect OBU / Toll2GO

Germany and Austria

for vehicles ≥ 7.5t