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Easy calculation of the toll for motor vehicles > 3,5 t in Poland

In addition to the state operating company Szef KAS with the electronic toll system viaTOLL, there exist in Poland three further, private toll operators, which levy fees for certain partial stretches of the motorways A1, A2 and A4.

With the on-board unit viaBOX, the toll for vehicles over 3,5 t on all tolled road sections can be settled in the viaToll system.

As a UTA customer, there are two contract variants available in the toll billing:


  • Postpay option:
    The toll is subsequently settled via UTA. The actually generated transactions or the calculated fees are invoiced. They appear in your UTA collective invoice.

  • Prepay option:
    In this procedure, you can load your viaBox with a credit by presenting your UTA Full Service Card. The toll fees you generate are settled directly with the credit found on the OBU.

Our toll experts have further details on opportunities for billing modalities for you. Feel free to ask us about this!

Poland (via toll system)

Vehicles or groups > 3,5 t

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