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Convenient tax refunds

Take advantage of our range of tax refund services in Europe

Taxable companies that pay Value Added Tax (VAT) and excise duty in other European countries can benefit from tax refunds.

You can have VAT and excise duty refund claims determined and reclaimed on your behalf from respective fiscal authorities. Through a power of attorney, our service provider can apply for a refund on your behalf.

Create better liquidity for yourself - contact us any time!

Our service provider's tax refund service includes:

  • Determination of VAT and excise duty refund claims
  • Filing requests with respective tax authorities
  • Tracking of refunds within statutory periods
  • Filing appeals in the event of a reduced or rejected refund claim

For further information about the VAT and excise duty refund service, please visit the following pages:

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Excise duty refund
VAT registration