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Simple VAT refunds

Use reimbursement services provided by our service provider Nikosax

Companies that operate internationally, but

  • do not provide services subject to VAT in the respective country,
  • but procure goods or services there to transact their business, which are invoiced with up to 27% foreign VAT,

generally have the right to a VAT refund in what is known as an input tax refund procedure.

A prerequisite is that the company has the right to domestic input tax deductions in its country of domicile. In addition, EU directives and bilateral double taxation agreements regulate the products and services for which VAT is fully or partially refundable. Our service provider Nikosax will manage the entire process for you using a power of attorney. 


Choose the timing of your VAT refund

Three options are available based on your needs

As it can take up to a year between invoicing and getting a VAT refund, UTA gives you the option of obtaining your refund earlier. With our service provider's refund service, UTA customers can select from three refund timing options:

  • Fast refund*: The credit note is received within 15 days of receipt of the invoice.
  • Fixed-date refund*: The credit note is issued within 30 days of the end of a quarter.
  • Normal refund: The credit note is issued within 15 days of settlement of the receipt by the authorities.

*) Only available for minimum VAT amounts of EUR 400 per country and quarter. Settlement is made once the minimum amount per quarter and request has been reached. The chosen option applies to invoices from all issuers of that country. The VAT refund service currently includes all EU countries as well as Switzerland and Norway. However, the fast refund and fixed-date refund service is not yet available in Greece, United Kingdom, Malta, Cyprus or Switzerland.