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Excise duty refunded by our service provider Nikosax

It's easy for you to reclaim tax

In addition to VAT, transport and bus companies can - in some countries - apply for a partial refund of the excise duty included in the price of diesel. Countries that offer this subsidy include Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia and Spain. The amount of excise duty that is refunded varies from country to country. What they have in common, however, is that HGVs must have a permissible gross weight of over 7.5 tonnes and buses must be categorised as M2 and M3 in order to be entitled to the refundable portion of the excise duty. To prove this, fuel must be purchased with specific fuel or service cards recording the licence plate number of the vehicle. One way to do this is to use a UTA Full Service Card when fuelling your vehicles.

These attractive refund claims are, however, associated with complex and time-consuming application procedures and significant administrative expenditure. Moreover, each of the countries listed above has different requirements in terms of forms and deadlines which can result in significant paperwork, as the applications must comply with the latest legal requirements.

Our service provider Nikosax will manage the entire process for you using a power of attorney. 

Due to long processing times by the authorities, refunds by appointment are now offered in Belgium, France and Slovenia - in addition to regular refunds. This means that a credit note is issued within 30 days of the application period.

We can also assist you with your refund claim application. Our experienced service provider Nikosax will ensure that your applications are submitted on time and correctly. This service can save you valuable time and enable your internal staff to focus on more important activities.