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The HGV toll was introduced in Germany in 2005. Initially, it was collected only on motorways and busy federal roads from HGVs ≥7.5 tonnes. On 1 July 2018, the toll network was expanded and now applies to all federal roads in Germany in addition to motorways.

With UTA, you have various options to settle the current HGV toll conveniently and quickly. We make it easier for you to settle the toll, so you can drive through Germany without losing time!

UTA informs you about all details concerning the HGV toll on German motorways and federal roads.


Settlement of the HGV toll

How tolls are collected

The toll is collected through an open system with toll bridges on motorways and control columns on federal roads. This is enabled by a satellite-supported generation of the toll transaction and a video analysis of your vehicle's plate.

Factors for the amount of the HGV toll are the route, the emission class of the vehicle, as well as the weight and number of axles. At the link below, you will find overviews of vehicle categories and a toll calculator for your personalised kilometre rate.


Manual booking and settlement of the toll:

The booking is possible by app, Internet, or at the toll terminal. It is similar to purchasing a ticket: You can settle the toll by presenting your UTA Full Service Card, in cash, using a credit account or by EC card or credit card. For this, provide the relevant information about your vehicle, the date as well as the start and destination of the trip. The toll fee will then be automatically calculated using the shortest route within the toll road network.

Electronic booking and settlement of the toll:

Your on-board unit sends the saved vehicle information time-delayed and encrypted to the Toll Collect data centre via mobile communication. After that, the route information is determined via GPS and also sent to the data centre. Your vehicle information is then assigned to the transmitted route information, and the toll for your HGV is calculated based on this.


Checks of toll settlement can be performed using three different methods:

  • Stationary:

    e.g. by control bridges or columns.

  • Mobile:

    via control vehicles

  • Operational:

    by operational inspection by BAG agents.

Choose your toll solution

UTA acceptance media for the toll in Germany

You can settle the HGV toll on German motorways and federal roads using the following acceptance media:

Road tolls


Special toll-settling sections Herren Tunnel and Warnow Crossing
(Toll mandatory for all vehicles)

UTA toll service in Germany

Our toll service makes your drive easier

Settle the collected toll charges in a compact and uncomplicated way with UTA:

Manual booking of the toll using your UTA Full Service Card:

The invoicing including a list of the individual charges is done through UTA. If you are registered with Toll Collect, you can view your individual trips on the toll operator's portal.

Electronic booking of the toll using your on-board unit:

You are welcome to register for the toll in Germany with the corresponding acceptance medium through your UTA toll experts. Invoicing is done through UTA as usual.

With the UTA toll service you have access to a convenient postpay invoice both in case of an electronic booking and when using your UTA Full Service Card for manual booking at the terminal. On the special toll-settling sections Warnow Crossing and Herren Tunnel, the UTA Full Service Card can be used for all vehicles to settle the toll.


Tax refunds in Germany

As an entrepreneur, you can recover the 19% VAT currently charged on the Herrentunnel and Warnow Crossing.  The HGV toll is a sovereign impost, and thus not subject to VAT. Through a power of attorney, our service provider can apply for a refund on your behalf. This will save you time and expense, and avoid any linguistic difficulties with the relevant authorities. You'll also increase your liquidity!


Parking with UTA

UTA parking service in Germany

Use our parking service in numerous parking lots along the German motorways and federal roads. In cooperation with parking operators, we offer you the convenient cashless option of settling your parking fees using the UTA Full Service Card. This way, your drivers can adhere to their rest periods on time and without stress.

Generally, parking fees are also refundable. Check your parking fees for a possible VAT refund! You are welcome to speak to us about this as needed!