Through the Alpine-bordering country by vehicle

Toll collection is as much a tradition in Italy as it is in the neighbouring Southern European countries. Here too, numerous rules and options apply, but as a fundamental principle: All motor vehicles are subject to tolls.

However, there's good news: Dual carriageways, usually marked with blue signs, are toll-free roads. A toll is levied primarily on motorways, the "autostrade" (identifiable by their green signs).
Examples of exceptions to the general toll obligation are, on the mainland, the section between Salerno and Reggio Calabria (A 3) near Naples and a portion of the motorways on Sicily.

As in other countries, it's not only roads for which tolls are collected. Portions of routes such as tunnels and bridges are often subject to tolls. Certain cities also impose "city congestion charges".

Italian operating companies collect usage fees through various toll systems. You should inform yourself about these systems, and the routes to which they apply, before starting your journey - for it is not always possible to settle the toll on arrival!

Our toll experts would be happy to advise you on the best method for settling your tolls!

Italian toll systems

How tolls are collected

Using a closed system

with entrances and exits (with toll booths / electronically through video camera recording).

Using an open system (metropolitan centres)

with flat-rate toll collection for a route, independent of the entry or exit.

Factors determining the amount of the toll charges include, e.g., the route, the categorisation of the vehicle, and the emission class. You can find details in the following table:




Toll settlement with UTA

You can use these toll media in Italy

Thanks to UTA, various solutions are available to you for toll billing in Italy. They are intended to make your trip through the country as comfortable and simple as possible. In the table below, you find the UTA toll media and their application.

1. Road tolls

Vehicles > 3.5 tMotor vehicle ≤ 3.5 t
UTA One®
Telepass EU

2. Special toll-settling sections (tunnels)

Mont Blanc TunnelFréjus Tunnel
UTA Full Service Card
for all motor vehicles
TMB Card (subscription card)
for all buses/HGVs > 3 m
Great St. Bernard Tunnel
UTA Full Service Card
for HGVs/buses in commercial
goods/trade haulage

Your UTA toll service in Italy

Always in the right lane with UTA

  • Convenient postpay settlement with attractive charge settlement term when using an onboard unit

  • Detailed and clear billing of your toll charges down to individual trip level is possible.

  • Online management of your toll media and your UTA service cards in the UTA exclusive area.

  • Forms and informational documents for download in the UTA exclusive area.

  • Consultation by phone and customer support by toll experts during business hours.

  • Become a member in the Consorzio UTA 2000 as a UTA customer and use your chance for a proportional refund of toll charges paid in Italy!

UTA tax service in Italy

Possible reimbursement of the Value Added Tax!

You'd like to recover your VAT settlements made in Italy?

With UTA as your partner, you as an entrepreneur can easily have the VAT levied on the Italian tolls refunded!

Currently, VAT is levied at 22%, which we're happy to get refunded for you. UTA organises for you a refund application and any related correspondence that may ensue - you won't have to deal with officials or worry about language barriers! We do most of the work for you, and in the end you'll enjoy a sizable credit note.

We're happy to advise you on the access conditions and the formalities.

More on the tax service

UTA parking service in Italy

Settle parking charges with the on-board unit

Travelers on Italy's motorways need a rest now and then. So the transition to these takes place as quickly and easily as possible, drivers can now simply settle the parking charges for certain parking lots with the UTA card or using the on-board unit. UTA cooperates with certain parking operators and works toward a steady expansion in the acceptance network.  Do you have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

You'll find a list of current parking lots in our exclusive area.