Borderless mobility in Sweden

Sweden is one of the member states that currently collect a toll only on heavy goods vehicles ≥ 12 t (except for buses) by way of the Eurovignette. Luxembourg, Denmark, and the Netherlands also collect an HGV toll in this manner.

As the vignette is electronic, there is no bothersome adhesion and removal of physical vignettes to/from the windscreen. Furthermore, after one-time registration in the online portal, you can drive in other member states within the valid period as well.

If, at first glance, toll collection is focused on heavy goods vehicles, there are also occasional charges for the other vehicles that need to be accounted for: Cross-border traffic structures such as the Øresund Bridge or the Svinesund Bridge (SE-NO) are subject to charges for nearly all vehicles. The charges for these bridges are not covered by the Eurovignette and are thus considered special toll-settling sections for vehicles ≥ 12 t subject to the toll.

Moreover, there are city congestion charges, for example in Gothenburg and Stockholm. However, they are mainly a tool to control the flow of traffic to the inner cities. The Swedish city congestion charges follow a few rules - both for the calculation base and the type of collection or settlement.

In summary, drivers who travel to or through Sweden should find out exact information about where their vehicle is subject to a toll and how they can meet this obligation, regardless of the vehicle they are driving. UTA is available to provide support and the necessary expertise. Tolls in Sweden: No problem for you with UTA!

The toll system in Sweden

How is the Swedish toll collected?

Electronic, and thus open, system:

The right to use toll roads is saved in a central database of the toll operator once the licence plate is booked.

Criteria for calculation of the toll charge:

Number of axles, emission class, and valid period

For more details see our information page on the electronic Eurovignette:


Whether a Eurovignette is saved in the system for a particular vehicle can be checked by mobile cameras and inspectors on the road. In case of violations, a penalty notice is issued. In case of checks by personnel, the fine is usually imposed and demanded on the spot for foreign HGVs.


Traffic structures

The toll is collected separately for traffic structures such as bridges:

Electronic, and thus open, system:

Closed toll system: defined entrances and exits with toll booths.

Criteria for calculation of the toll charge:

The basis for collection and the settlement methods depend on each toll operator.

UTA toll media in Sweden

Our toll solutions for your drive through Sweden

HGV toll ≥ 12 t
Øresund Bridge
(for all vehicles subject to toll)
BroBizz® BoxUTA Full Service Card
Svinesund Bridge
(for all vehicles subject to toll)
BroBizz® Box

Your advantages with UTA in Sweden

Seamless toll transactions with UTA

With UTA, you enjoy numerous toll transaction advantages in Sweden:

  • Convenient postpay transactions with an attractive settlement term when using the BroBizz® Box and attractive discounts

  • Attractive settlement term when presenting the UTA Full Service Card

  • Detailed and clear billing of your toll charges

  • Collective invoices with VAT disclosure

  • Online management of your toll media (applies to the electronic Eurovignette and UTA cards) and forms and information documents in the UTA exclusive area

  • Get information and support from our toll experts during business hours

Discount advantages with UTA

Attractive conditions in Sweden

UTA customers profit from attractive discounts as compared to the cash price crossing the Svinesund Bridge and the Øresund Bridge with the BroBizz® Box.

You can get more information right here:

We are currently working on additional advantageous conditions for you, which you will profit from shortly! Talk to us about further details.

UTA Parking Service

Use secure parking in Sweden

In many European countries we work with partners who provide secure parking with an attendant. You can get access to them by presenting your UTA Full Service Card. The charges will be included in your UTA invoice.

Talk to us directly about the UTA parking service in Sweden.

UTA tax service in Sweden

We will provide information to you about your tax advantages!

Entrepreneurs, get the VAT collected on Swedish tolls refunded! Unlike the HGV toll, the bridge charges are subject to VAT. The VAT rate is currently 25%. It is refundable. If your drivers have used paid parking, let's take a look at these items as well because they usually include a refundable tax too.

The UTA tax service organises refunds for you from taxable and refundable items and saves you from facing possible language barriers in correspondence with the Swedish authorities. We'll take over everything and you'll get a credit note in the end!

Get more information about the UTA tax service here:

Explore the UTA tax service

UTA exclusive area

All information at a glance!

In the UTA exclusive area, we provide detailed information and documents about individual toll acceptance media for you to download. Moreover, you can see your invoices anytime.

Furthermore, you can manage your UTA toll media outside of our opening hours.