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Travel through Hungary with UTA

A favourite holiday and transit destination, Hungary has a well-developed road network.

There are two toll systems in the country in which all vehicles are subject to tolls for motorways and major roads.

Using the vignette system, all vehicles ≤ 3.5 t and buses meet toll obligations by registering in the toll operator's system. All vignettes are electronic.

    For heavy transport vehicles with a designated total weight of > 3.5 t, tolls are collected via the electronic, route-based HU-GO toll system. You have the option of booking your tolls via a route ticket or using a convenient on-board unit.

    We'd be happy to discuss the advantages of using UTA for your Hungarian travel!

    The Hungarian toll system

    How tolls are collected

    The Hungarian toll for heavy goods vehicles is collected through an electronic, route-based toll system called HU-GO. Tolls are collected on all motorways and major roads. The Hungarian toll system is a free-flow system without toll booths subdividing the roads. A route ticket is booked through a prepay process, which is why deviations from the booked route are not allowed. With an OBU, however, you can enjoy flexibility -- even at the last minute! You can both obtain it and recharge the prepay account conveniently through UTA and receive a toll charge bill with convenient settlement terms.

    Checks are performed through stationary overhead gantries and mobile control vehicles. Please ensure that information about your vehicle is up-to-date and correct, because Hungary is quick to charge fines for incorrectly booked or unauthorised route use!

    The toll system in Hungary


    Electronic collection of tolls in an open, free-flow system. The toll rate is based on the type of road, vehicle category and emissions class. The use of an on-board unit or a route ticket (which can be booked online or at sales points nationally) is required.

    Vignette system:

    This system features electronic settlement of tolls. The toll rate depends on your travel duration and vehicle category. Limited use of roads requiring a vignette is possible through the "annual regional" vignette.

    UTA toll solutions for Hungary

    The choice is yours!

    HGVs or vehicles with permitted total weight > 3.5 tPassenger cars or vehicles with permitted total weight ≤ 3.5 t
    (Prepay process)*
    Route ticket**
    UTA Full Service Card

    * Available at fuel stations that accept UTA cards.
    ** Booking with UTA partners. Please contact us for further information.
    In addition, visit our detailed pages on European road network toll solutions. Stay mobile across Europe with UTA!

    UTA invoices for Hungary

    Transparent and convenient

    Whether you put credit on your HU-GO on-board unit or use the route booking option, simply present your UTA Full Service Card to receive your tax-qualified invoice with VAT disclosure from UTA with convenient charge settlement terms.
    You can book your route ticket within Hungary at one of our partner offices or at selected partner fuel stations. With UTA as your billing partner, you can be assured that any invoices issued to you are transparent and can easily be used for tax purposes.
    We can help you to purchase an OBU or book a route ticket or e-vignette. Contact us if you need assistance.

    UTA toll service in Hungary

    UTA advantages at a glance

    • Strong partner presence in the form of fuel stations and sales offices at the border and inside Hungary.

    • The UTA Full Service Card can be used for toll charge processing for heavy goods vehicles ≤ 3.5 t.

    • Forms and information can be quickly and easily downloaded in the UTA customer portal.

    • Tap the expertise of our toll experts via phone during business hours.

    Tax refunds in Hungary

    Leverage tax advantages

    Business-related VAT collected on Hungarian tolls and vignettes can refunded through UTA's tax service. The current VAT rate is 27%.

    Using a power of attorney, our service provider will take care of the process for you and help you get a prompt refund. They will correspond with relevant authorities, saving you time, effort and potential language challenges. All you have to do is to look forward to a credit note!