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Europe-wide toll solutions from UTA Edenred - now also for Bulgaria!

In Bulgaria, tolls are charged on all first-class motorways and roads. They apply to all vehicles except motorcycles, with toll settlements based on the category of the vehicle: Vehicles ≤ 3.5t are subject to tolls within a vignette system. For vehicles > 3.5 t total weight, there is the option of booking a specified route in advance or using an on-board unit (OBU) for automatic toll settlement.

With the UTA Full Service Card, you can use a wide range of toll processing options - now also on journeys through Bulgaria! Our toll experts are happy to answer questions you have.

Here's an overview of the current toll routes in Bulgaria:

The toll system in Bulgaria

How toll collection works

Toll vehicles in Bulgaria are registered via the National Toll Administration’s electronic tracking system. Toll calculations are based on the number of kilometres driven, number of axles, tonnage and emission class.

Up to 3.5 t: e-Vignette

Vehicles ≤ 3.5 t total weight are subject to vignette requirements (different areas of validity)

Over 3.5 t: Route Pass

Booking of a fixed route with up to 4 stopovers.

Over 3.5 t: OBU

To obtain an OBU, a contract must be signed with a Bulgarian box supplier. Settlement is via prepay or postpay. For further information and ordering addresses, visit: https://www.bgtoll.bg/de/uber-uns/register

Important information regarding the Route Pass

Unregistered users can book the Route Pass up to 24 hours in advance. Users who register by email can do so up to seven days in advance. Be aware that following the activation of the pass, the specified route must be taken within 24 hours. Deviations from the route are not allowed.


In addition to electronic recording, the National Toll Administration uses stationary and mobile surveillance cameras to monitor tolls on roads. However, while driving you should also expect physical checks by National Toll Administration officials.

Fines must be paid within 14 days by bank transfer or at a local terminal using a credit or fuel card.

See rates for different vehicle categories:

A toll solution for Bulgaria

How to settle your toll

Vignette and route booking with the Route Pass can be conveniently made online at www.web.bgtoll.bg or by using the BGTOLL app. You can also book manually via the website, at self-service terminals or at points of sale. Since the booking is electronic, you do not need to carry paper proof of purchase with you in the vehicle. E-vignettes can be purchased as annual, 3-months, monthly, weekly, weekend or daily passes.

Paying tolls is easy and convenient with your UTA Full Service Card: you can use it to obtain e-vignettes and book routes.

Trucks or vehicles ≥ 3.5 t Vehicles < 3.5 t
UTA Card UTA Card

UTA Edenred toll service for Bulgaria

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