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Drive through the Netherlands with UTA Edenred

The Netherlands charges a road use toll for heavy goods traffic  ≥ 12 t. The Kingdom has joined with Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden to organise toll collection and process it via AGES.

Once you've registered with a toll operator's system - for which a fee is charged - you will receive an electronic vignette.  Once registered, your drivers can travel through all the Eurovignette countries within the booking period.

The fee for the electronic vignette depends on the number of axles and pollution class of the HGV, as well as the desired validity period.

No other tolls beyond the HGV toll are charged, except for two tunnels. These tunnels - the Westerschelde and the Kil - are privately-operated. As the Westerschelde tunnel is part of UTA's toll portfolio, you can pay the toll with your UTA card. This is not the case for the Kil tunnel. The Eurovignette does not cover the use of privately-operated traffic structures, for which tunnel operators determine the amount of toll to be charged.

An overview of all these details can be found below. With UTA Edenred you can get around the Netherlands quickly and smoothly. We're happy to answer any questions you have.

The toll system in the Netherlands

How is the toll collected?

Electronic, open system:

The right to use toll roads is saved in the toll operator's central database once the licence plate is booked ( = access charge).

Learn more about your options with  the electronic Eurovignette. 

Closed system for traffic structures:

Defined entry and exit with access control. Fee amounts are use-dependent.


Whether or not a Eurovignette is saved in the system for a particular vehicle is checked by mobile cameras and mobile inspectors. Checks are carried out via direct, encrypted access to a central database.

If the toll obligation has been fulfilled, the photo/video material is immediately deleted; otherwise, a fine is assessed and a notice sent out.  In the event of checks, a fine is usually imposed and demanded on the spot for foreign HGVs.

UTA Edenred toll media in the Netherlands

Toll solutions for your drive through the Netherlands

HGV toll ≥ 12 t
Westerschelde tunnel (for all vehicles subject to toll)
UTA Card

UTA Edenred advantages in the Netherlands

Seamless toll transactions with UTA Edenred

With UTA, you enjoy numerous toll transaction advantages in the Netherlands:

  • Convenient Eurovignette booking via the UTA customer portal or through the Eurovignette portal, with selection of the "fuel/fleet card" card type

  • Detailed and organised billing for your toll charges through a collective invoice with Value Added Tax specified.

  • UTA customer portal: Online management of your toll media (applies to the electronic Eurovignette and UTA cards), forms and information documents 

  • Information and support from our toll experts during business hours

Tax refunds in the Netherlands

Make the most of tax advantages

As a business owner, you can get VAT refunded on charges levied in the Netherlands. The VAT rate is currently 21%. In contrast to the HGV toll, fees such as those charged by tunnels and truck parks are taxable.

The service provider can organise refunds for you from taxable and refundable items, and save you from potential language barrier challenges. We'll handle the whole process for you - and when it's finished, you'll enjoy a credit note!


Parking with UTA Edenred

UTA parking service in the Netherlands

UTA works with parking operators in many European countries. You can access these secure parking lots simply by presenting your UTA Full Service Card. Charges will be included in your UTA invoice.

Speak to us about our parking service in the Netherlands!

UTA customer portal

Information at a glance

In the UTA customer portal, you can find and download detailed information and documents related to individual toll acceptance media. In addition, you can view your invoices anytime.

Manage UTA toll media at your leisure, independent of our operating hours!