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Levné tankování s Bestprice Optinet

Snižte náklady na palivo s UTA

Náklady za palivo dělají až třetinu celkových nákladů za údržbu vozu. Through conscious fuel cost management and the possibility to refuel for less at selected fuel stations, you can reduce these costs in the long-term.

UTA helps you by indicating which fuel stations in Germany offer the lowest prices. Just use UTA's Bestprice Optinet: a cost-effective fuel station network through which you can save an average of up to 7 cents per litre of diesel in comparison to prices at premium fuel stations. Thus, you'll quickly benefit from a refuelling advantage!

The 1,000 most economical fuel stations in Germany

Jak Bestprice Optinet funguje

Every month, UTA determines the 1,000 fuel stations with the lowest prices within UTA's fuel station network in Germany. We continuously take current prices into consideration.

The most economical fuel stations are updated and marked as Bestprice Optinet ​​​​​in the UTA station finder and in the UTA app for you every month. This enables you to see at a glance where you can refuel for the lowest price.

Moreover, you can optimise your selection by setting your service and product preferences.

Bestprice Optinet offers a significant price advantage, particularly for dispatchers and fleet managers. Reduce fuel costs simply by selecting Bestprice Optinet in the UTA station finder and adjust your routes to the corresponding fuel stations.

Jako řidič můžete Bestprice Optinet kdykoliv zobrazit také v aplikaci UTA na svém telefonu. Stáhněte si apliaci UTA a začněte šetřit!

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