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Satellic OBU

The toll box for Belgium

In Belgium, a toll limit applies to road haulage vehicles over 3.5 tonnes total permissible draw weight. The toll is collected via the Viapass electronic toll system.

All vehicles subject to tolls must be equipped with an on-board unit (OBU) during journeys through Belgium and registered with the toll operator.

The fees in Belgium vary according to region. Higher fees are charged in the city centre of Brussels than in the rest of Belgium. Generally, the tolls on Belgium roads can be freely determined by the government. This means that in addition to the motorways and main roads that are subject to the vignette requirement, tolls may be imposed on additional routes in the future.

Learn more about the toll road networks:

Viapass Belgium

Freight vehicles > 3,5 t

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The OBU is easily and conveniently attached to the vehicle's windscreen using adhesive strips.

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