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UTA One® – Europe's smartest toll solution

Enjoy a Europe-wide billing service with a single on-board unit

Discover the most comprehensive EETS service on the market: UTA One®! An on-board unit that offers an impressive range of European toll contexts and value-added services! This toll solution allows you to flexibly turn on and off countries or systems within the application. Extensions are activated over the air, giving you virtually instant access to new services.

Performance requirements for economical fleet management are increasing beyond refuelling and tolls.  UTA One® represents a completely new type of service: A technical application combining integrated support with modular services tailored to your needs.

  • Belgium
  • Liefkenshoek Tunnel
  • Denmark (bridges)
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Norway (ferries and motorways)
  • Austria
  • Poland (A4, Katowice - Krakow)
  • Portugal
  • Sweden (bridges)
  • Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • Spain

We are continuously expanding the service portfolio of the OBU.

    Vehicles > 3.5 tonnes

    • Attractive discounts:
      Benefit from attractive discounts with UTA One®! Save up to 13% on incurred tolls on the TIS-PL toll network in France; up to 50% on the Via-T network in Spain; and approximately 26% in the Liefkenshoektunnel in Belgium! 
    • Interoperability:
      With this toll box, you will be able to process the majority of European tolls for roads, tunnels and bridges. You can activate and deactivate contexts in the UTA customer portal in just a few clicks - around the clock!
      In addition to classic toll processing, the on-board unit also supports the billing of fees for ferry and parking services. Everything is electronic and cashless - with only one toll box in the cab!
      In addition, you can look forward to additional services for UTA One® which we are constantly developing.
    • Simple vehicle changes:
      Simply change the relevant vehicle data for the on-board unit with our form, and assign the toll box to another vehicle in your fleet.
    • Concise billing:
      Enjoy a Europe-wide billing service from one source! All fees processed via UTA One® are transmitted to you in a concise, transparent manner via your regular, tax-optimised UTA invoice. 
    • Reporting:
      Optimise your routes with single trip reporting. As a UTA customer, you can view and download this at any time from the UTA customer portal. Extensive filter options are available for targeted analysis. By making the report available in an Excel file, you can easily use it for your fleet administration.

      Delivery time is about 10-12 business days after ordering.

      We are happy to provide you with our rates on request, and will make you an offer tailored to your needs.

      Attaching and connecting the box is easy, but we recommend consulting the user manual. Correct placement on the windscreen is necessary for error-free data transmission.
      UTA One® can also be permanently installed in your vehicle's electrical system. In this case, we'd recommend installation by a qualified workshop. Ensure that you have an uninterrupted power supply and that you use only original parts in order to guarantee that the toll box functions smoothly.

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      Discover our European all-arounder: UTA One®. A billing solution with multiple applications and benefits that saves you time and money! Combine the UTA Plus Services you are already using through your UTA Full Service Card and gain real added value for your entire fleet and company!

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