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With a fuel card from UTA you have access to a comprehensive fuel station network across the whole of Europe. Your vehicles will be supplied with diesel or fuel at our partner locations without limitations. With your UTA card, you can refuel easily at over 53,000 stations in 37 countries. But our service includes so much more!

As a future-oriented company, UTA is closely following the development of alternative fuel types. Therefore, we would also like to comprehensively support companies whose vehicle fleets are operated with alternative or renewable energies with our service offerings in Europe-wide supply networks and to ensure them mobility without exception and efficient energy. You can therefore also settle the costs for alternative fuel types cashlessly with your UTA card and continue your drive unhindered.

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Refuel with alternative types of fuel with UTA

Among the alternative fuel types which you can settle costs for at locations where UTA is accepted with your fuel card are:


The environmentally friendly additive AdBlue for diesel motors is of course also covered with your UTA card. The chemical exhaust gas aftertreatment with AdBlue enables a lower fuel consumption and the reduction of nitrogen oxide by up to 90%! Thus, you will fulfil the EU pollutant regulations for diesel motors and will protect the environment.
Get AdBlue as a package or directly at the fuel pump easily and cashlessly with your UTA card from providers in our partner network!

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As an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fuel, liquefied petroleum gas is already firmly integrated into the fuel supply in many European countries. Just in Germany alone there are about 7,100 fuel stations which offer the cost-effective LPG. In Europe, there are over 12,000 liquefied petroleum gas fuel stations by now. Thus, when it comes to availability, LPG is at the top of alternative fuel types.
In addition to the new acquisitions of LPG vehicles that provide long-term benefits, the uncomplicated conversion of fuel motors contributes to the attractiveness of liquefied fueleum gas. Currently, tax advantages and low costs per litre present ideal advantages for companies whose HGVs regularly have to travel long routes.

With your UTA card, you can conveniently access the comprehensive fuel station network for the purchase of autogas in a convenient and cashless manner. This removes all obstacles for a change to the affordable and environmentally friendly fuel. With UTA you stay mobile - all the time!

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Learn more about the comprehensive supply network for electric vehicles on our detailed information page on electric mobility:

Power for your vehicle

As an alternative fuel, natural gas convinces not only through its high environmental friendliness, but also through the current low refuelling costs. Low vehicle taxes and the domestic funding of natural gas vehicles in Germany as well as in other European countries (e.g. France, Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands) supplement the many advantages. The supply possibilities for the increasingly popular alternative to diesel and fuel are also continuously growing across Europe. By now, CNG is available to you across Germany at more than 900 fuel stations; across Europe, the number is about 1,300 supply stations. This means that there is a comprehensive infrastructure for natural gas in the immediate future.

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Liquefied natural gas is made by cooling natural gas to -161 to -164 °C. The advantage in comparison to typical natural gas is the low volume, which favourably impacts the transport and storage of LNG. The fuel costs of LNG are also significantly lower in comparison to diesel. In addition, the Federal Transportation Authority is currently supporting the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles with discounts, which is particularly interesting for transport companies that want to change over to liquefied natural gas in the long-term.
Of course, there are still very few LNG fuel stations for road traffic in Europe, but the EU is already planning the funding of additional LNG fuel stations for the most important European main traffic routes. UTA is observing the further development of liquefied natural gas as a fuel for vehicles with great interest and is also integrating new supply sources for LNG into the current service offerings.

The development of hydrogen as a fuel for fuel cell vehicles is becoming increasingly interesting. Although the supply network for hydrogen in Europe is currently still small, leading fuel stations brands and vehicle manufacturers are working together on the expansion of hydrogen fuel stations. The Germany-wide infrastructure is supposed to consist of about 400 fuel stations by 2023. The Europe-wide network will also be expanded over the coming years.
UTA is observing this development with great interest and attention and is working on including hydrogen as an alternative fuel in its offering.

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You are looking for fuel stations for certain fuel types in a specific country? In our country overview, you will find all information on available supply sources:

In the UTA station finder, you can display Europe-wide fuel stations which offer conventional and alternative types of fuel:

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