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Advantages for drivers

Limitless mobility - with UTA Edenred!


On the road with UTA Edenred

Ideal service for your journeys - fast and everywhere!


With a comprehensive fuel network,independent of brands, consisting of more than {$Petrol stations europe} fuel stations in {$Countries with petrol stations} countries, UTA Edenred offers your the opportunity to always continue your trips quickly and easily. Many of our partners have shops, restaurants, and sanitary facilities. The UTA station finder app also supports you as a driver in finding the nearest UTA fuel station or a suitable service station when on the road, in just a few clicks. It makes no difference whether online or offline and on or off of the motorway! The UTA stations are also available as downloadable POIs (Points of Interest) for the GPS in your vehicle. With the UTA SmartCockpit® app (available in the App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android devices), you can find the most economical fuel stations on your route*. This provides you with information that helps simplify your drive through Europe.

*Registering the UTA SmartCockpit® web application in the UTA customer portal is required

In addition to our fuel cards , we offer you the proper toll boxes for every need. Independent of the country of operation, you, as a driver, have access to various toll boxes or interoperable toll solutions which cover multiple tolls. We always keep our goal in mind: With the new  UTA One®  toll box, you will soon only need a single on-board unit in your vehicle. This will save you time and money!

Limitless mobility - with UTA Edenred!

Optimal service for drivers and business operators

Drive safely and comfortably on public roads

As a UTA customer, your UTA card also gives you access to all relevant vehicleand mobility services . Through our professional and experienced service partners, you have a selection of repair services, tyre or breakdown services as well as vehicle cleaning services available across Europe, according to your vehicle type. Therefore, as a driver, you are equipped for all contingencies and don’t have to worry about your mobility. UTA Edenred supports you as a driver so that you can stay mobile at any time!

On the following pages, you will learn more about the many advantages you will enjoy with UTA Edenred: