Vehicle cleaning

Cleaning and caring for your HGVs, buses, vans and passenger cars

Vehicle Cleaning and Care

With UTA Edenred on high polish

Your vehicles serve as a company business card and should not only look great, but also comply with hygienic regulations. As they are exposed to different weather conditions on a daily basis, both the exterior and interior can get dirty. Therefore, they should be regularly and thoroughly cleaned.

With UTA Edenred, you have access to an extensive network of approximately {$Partner vehicle cleaning} competent partners throughout Europe. This helps ensure your HGVs, buses, vans and passenger cars are always kept spotless.

Our partner network for professional vehicle cleaning

From exterior vehicle washes to thorough interior cleans


Our partner network offers you a variety of options for cleaning and caring for your vehicles. You can select specialised partners for everything from professional cleanings to washing facilities at fuel stations that enable you to get a wash and fuel at the same time. Our partner services range from standard vehicle exterior cleaning for common vehicles (HGVs, buses, vans, passenger cars) to thorough interior cleanings for tank trucks and food vehicles. Their focus is on caring for and preparing the vehicles:

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Vehicle wash for HGVs, buses, commercial vehicles, passenger cars
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Interior cleaning of tank trucks
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Interior cleaning of silo vehicles
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Interior cleaning of refrigerated vehicles
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Interior cleaning of food vehicles

Become an acceptance partner for ​​vehicle cleaning today!

Benefit from UTA's international network

As a UTA acceptance partner, you'll benefit from UTA's reputation and extensive network of pan-European mobility suppliers.

This will enable you to acquire customers at an international level. Through close cooperation with UTA Edenred, you benefit from our marketing measures and increase your reach.

This will help you increase both your customer base and sales. As your billing partner, UTA Edenred provides security and clarity through consolidated, consistent billing.

Your customers will also benefit from simple, cashless processing.


Book online to get your vehicle cleaned

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Book an appointment to get your vehicle cleaned and access other UTA Plus services from the comfort of your desk via our partner, TRAVIS. Of course, you can use the service at a moment's notice, too.
Once you're finished, you'll receive your booking details and the service will be itemised on your monthly UTA invoice.

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