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UTA Plus Services

Mobility service - a quick and convenient solution for any challenge

Our services for your mobility

Stay mobile across Europe with the UTA card!

The UTA Edenred mobility service helps you to get to the destination of your journey or transport without any problems or barriers. To perform your job efficiently, the mobility of your fleet is important. With the services of our international partners, you and your employees can enjoy various benefits. Together we can quickly find convenient solutions for any challenge.

In addition to short- and long-term rental offers of all types of vehicles, the mobility service also includes services that help you to cross national borders easily or to settle tunnel and bridge fees cashlessly with one of our UTA cards or on-board units (OBUs). With our qualified partners for ferry and train transport, you can easily overcome geographical challenges and thus save time and costs. You can also make use of modern secure truck parks to protect your drivers and your freight during the prescribed rest periods. This guarantees that your vehicle fleet remains mobile at all times.

The following pages offer more information about the many advantages you can enjoy with your UTA card or on-board unit: