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UTA Edenred Rental Service

Stay mobile with rental vehicles

Stay mobile through UTA Edenred's network of rental partners

If you have a short-term shortage of vehicles, you can conveniently rent from one of our service partners. For example, such a situation might arise from an unexpected repair. Our partners offer an extensive range of popular passenger cars, buses, trailers and HGVs, as well as specialty refrigerated or construction vehicles. Simply select the vehicle you need and carry on with your journey.


Vehicles > 3.5 t

The right vehicle for your needs

Freight-forwarders can sometimes experience vehicle shortages due to seasonal peaks, last minute orders or vehicle breakdowns. UTA's rental partners ensure that your goods stay on the road. Instead of adding more vehicles to your fleet to accommodate such situations, renting a vehicle is an affordable alternative. That's because your company has less captial tied up compared to vehicle ownership. It's also a more flexible approach, since you can rent one or more vehicles depending on the situation without having to incur maintenance costs.
Our service partners offer not only HGVs, buses and trailers, but also speciality vehicles such as refrigerated or construction vehicles. In addition to core rental services, some of our partners offer emergency breakdown services or replacement drivers. You can also use rental vehicles on toll routes since most are equipped with OBUs. Our service partners are ready to meet your needs.



Vehicles > 3.5 t

Quick, convenient and cost-effective rentals

In this day and age, it's essential for employees across sectors and industries to be mobile. To ensure your employees stay mobile if their car breaks down, a rental car is a quick, sensible solution. Available vehicles under 3.5 t include passenger cars and vans. Rest assured, you'll find a vehicle that meets your needs through our service partner.

The following provider offers rental vehicles under 3.5 t:



Become an acceptance partner for ​​rentals today!

Benefit from UTA's international network

As a UTA acceptance partner, you'll benefit from UTA's reputation and extensive network of pan-European mobility suppliers.

This will enable you to acquire customers at an international level. Through close cooperation with UTA Edenred, you benefit from our marketing measures and increase your reach.

This will help you increase both your customer base and sales. As your billing partner, UTA Edenred provides security and clarity through consolidated, consistent billing.

Your customers will also benefit from simple, cashless processing.

Rent vehicles quickly and easily - we'd be happy to advise you:

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