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UTA station finder

An online route planner to help you quickly and efficiently locate UTA stations


Optimal planning with the UTA fuel and service station finder

Integrated route planning tool shows you the shortest route


HGVs are constantly on the go. It's important to be able to locate fuel stations quickly and easily. You no longer need a map or guide such as ViaMichelin or Sygic Truck to pinpoint the best route. Simply use UTA's digital station finder. The tool offers free route planning not just for HGVs, but for passenger cars and buses. Whether you're a driver, fleet manager or self-employed trader, in just a few clicks you can map out the UTA stations along your route. GPS is not required, just a mobile phone or PC.

As a UTA customer, you can use the route planner to select the fastest route to suitable stations based on fuel prices and service offerings -- e.g. a truck stop if you are travelling by HGV. In addition, the clear interactive map shows you the route and other useful information. Furthermore, you can use the route planner to filter stations by brand, location, fuel type and service offerings, and save your searches or routes as favourites.

Registered UTA customers can use the station finder to see both current and average fuel prices. With the integrated route planner, you can have the shortest or quickest route to your destination displayed. You can also find information such as relavant HGV tolls, travel times and available services along your route.

UTA station finder app for your smartphone

With the UTA station finder app, you can access numerous functions that will make your trip more comfortable

In addition to the Europe-wide locations where UTA is accepted, UTA's free smartphone app shows you the closest and most cost-effective fuel stations along your route where you can enjoy the advantages of your UTA card. Turn your mobile phone into a fuel station guide!

Using the digital map, you can easily find the nearest UTA fuel stations, workshops and car washes along your route. In addition, you'll be automatically provided with additional information en-route, making your search for fuel stations easier.

It doesn't matter if you're traveling by HGV, passenger car or coach. The UTA station finder app also works in offline mode - which, for example, you can use for HGV route planning if you have no reception or are abroad. Stay informed while you drive. This is how route planning should be done!

The optimal route to the next station: functions

Overview of all UTA fuel stations, workshops and vehicle cleaning providers in Europe
Individual adjustment of search criteria
Store stations, radius search (with freely definable radius) or saving routes as favouritesn
UTA service numbers to call in the event of a breakdown or card block
Display of nearest and most economical fuel stations
Net/gross fuel prices in Euro/local currency (in Germany based on the prices of the Market Transparency Unit for Fuels (MTS-K))
UTA Edenred News
Overview of all UTA fuel stations, workshops and vehicle cleaning providers in Europe
Filter fuel stations according to brand, location, fuel type, and equipment characteristics
Display of the 0,1 most economical UTA fuel stations in Germany as well as a push notification if such a station is in the area
Feedback function for each station

Download the station finder app now for free

Regardless of whether you want to use the UTA station and fuel station finder on your desktop in advance or on your mobile en-route: Stay informed and mobile with UTA Edenred.

You can find our app in App Store and Google Play:


Enjoy the benefits of our digital fuel card UTA EasyFuel®!

With  UTA EasyFuel®, you can refuel at over 0 service stations in the DACH region via an app on your smartphone, meaning you no longer have to queue at checkout. As a result, you'll   save valuable time that you can reinvest in your day-to-day business.