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Simple toll billing with UTA Edenred

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Simple toll billing with UTA toll solutions

Process European tolls via UTA Edenred - fast, easy and cashless!

Motorways, tunnels, bridges and ferries - almost everywhere in Europe there are charges for using the various traffic routes. This means not only additional costs but also a lot of administrative work. With UTA Edenred you reduce these considerably!
Across Europe, your drivers can access various international toll solutions with UTA Edenred: toll cards, the UTA Card or On-Board Units. These devices, known as OBUs, are available in different versions depending on requirements: EETS toll solutions for Europe-wide travel, interoperable toll devices if the radius is more limited and national toll boxes if your fleet does not leave the country.

All solutions have one thing in common: You can always conveniently settle the tolls with us cashlessly and you also receive a qualified, clearly structured collective invoice with VAT display.
Electronic toll collection systems are becoming increasingly popular and have been speeding up toll processing for HGVs, passenger cars, vans and buses on European roads for several years.
With the help of on-board units, long wait times at toll booths and time-consuming settlement processes are eliminated. Instead, tolls are automatically recorded and accounted for when passing through the toll station by electronic vehicle devices installed in the vehicle. This saves you money, energy, and above all a lot of time!

You can also count on UTA Edenred for other types of toll collection, whether via vignette or by using your UTA Card at a toll station or sales point. We have an impressive portfolio: Try our products and services and you'll never want to be without UTA Edenred when it comes to toll processing!

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Drive easily across borders through Europe

Discover UTA One® - the smartest toll solution in Europe!

In addition to existing toll boxes, which are designed for individual countries or individual toll contexts, UTA Edenred has been working for several years with interoperable solutions in the course of EETS (European Electronic Toll Service), in which different European toll contexts can be recorded with a single on-board unit. Since 2018, UTA Edenred has been delivering the new on-board unit UTA One®, a completely new, technologically leading toll box that brings the goal of a single, transnational and thus Europe-wide solution for EETS a step closer. So that you can travel across borders in Europe with UTA Edenred!

Find out more about our various toll solutions or our new telematics solution UTA SmartConnect®, which gives you a transparent real-time overview of your fleet, on the following pages.

You benefit from the diverse possibilities of our toll solutions - we will be happy to show you how: