Transport over Waterways

The UTA ferry service offers a convenient and efficient transport option over water routes.

Planning the best possible transport route is critical for fleet managers and drivers. And in some cases overland routes are not the quickest way. Some destinations are entirely inaccessible by land. This is where ferries offer a cost-saving means of transport to get across waterways and reach the desired destination quickly.

UTA offers a large network of ferry companies in Europe, making it easy for you to find an economical and convenient way to plan and carry out your trip across the Baltic Sea, North Sea, Irish Sea, English Channel and Mediterranean Sea as well as selected inland waters.

UTA Ferry® – book online in advance

Do you prefer booking your ferry trips in advance in order to avoid long waiting times at the port, while at the same time benefiting from better prices? UTA Ferry® saves time and money!

The online booking platform UTA Ferry® offers over 800 ferry connections in more than 50 countries europewide. It includes ferry connections from Calais (France) to Dover (England), from Hoek van Holland (Netherlands) to Harwich (England) or from Rostock (Germany) to Gedser (Denmark). Select the ferry that suits your route, then easily and conveniently book the ferry online up to 30 days in advance. Your regular UTA invoice is used for the settlement.

Overview of your advantages

Wide range of options

> More than 40 ferry operators on one portal

> More than 800 ferry connections

> In more than 50 countries europewide

Special conditions for UTA customers

> Savings of up to 18% on the ticket price

High level of flexibility

> Book online 24/7

> Conveniently change bookings or cancel free of charge

> Open tickets without fixed departure time available for selected routes

Top service

> Customer service available by phone in several languages daily from 07:00 - 00:00


Planning accuracy

> Guaranteed spot on the ferry

> No waiting at the ticket counter



No cash or credit card required

> The ferry costs are added to your UTA invoice

Travel across borders in Europe with UTA and get it all from one provider – including your ferry bookings.

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Optional on-site processing

With selected ferry partners, the costs can be charged on site at the ferry port to your UTA card or the BroBizz® Box, the UTA One® or the Telepass EU. Simply drive to the ferry port and settle the travel costs for the ferry crossing on site. And it's even easier and more convenient to book your ferry trip with UTA Ferry® – our online booking platform for ferry bookings.

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