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UTA Edenred partners with ChargePoint

•    More than 240,000 charge points across 32 European countries will be available to UTA Edenred customers in the second quarter of 2022 •    Comprehensi

Apr 06, 2022

•    More than 240,000 charge points across 32 European countries will be available to UTA Edenred customers in the second quarter of 2022
•    Comprehensive open network is part of UTA Edenred's multi-energy strategy
•    All-in-one processing solution combines electric vehicle charging with UTA Edenred’s proven fuel, toll and Plus Services

Kleinostheim, Germany – UTA Edenred, a leading mobility service provider in Europe and an Edenred company, is partnering with ChargePoint (NYSE: CHPT), a leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network provider, to enable UTA Edenred mobility customers to access over 240,000 public electric charge points across 32 European countries. ChargePoint's constantly expanding network enables drivers of electric fleet vehicles to find a suitable charging station on the road at any time throughout Europe.

The electric mobility offering will be available to UTA Edenred customers in the second quarter of 2022. As part of its multi-energy strategy, UTA Edenred now enables its customers to obtain conventional and alternative fuels such as biodiesel, LNG and CNG as well as to handle electric charging sessions. To locate and activate the charging stations a dedicated app will be available for drivers.

Carsten Bettermann, CEO of UTA Edenred, says: "We want to offer our customers the best possible acceptance network irrespective of what source of energy they use. The partnership with ChargePoint further simplifies mobility for our customers by providing them with a convenient, multi-energy service solution from UTA Edenred as a single provider."

Beyond energy supply, the UTA acceptance media also cover toll processing in numerous European countries and, with UTA Plus Services, offer access to further services such as repair and breakdown services and vehicle cleaning. Thus, UTA Edenred offers a comprehensive 360° range of mobility services.

André ten Bloemendal, Senior Vice President Europe at ChargePoint, states: “Our partnership with UTA Edenred is essential for providing fleets the fuelling infrastructure and access they need, making their move towards electric mobility cost-effective and easy. UTA Edenred customers will enjoy an enhanced e-mobility solution that offers public, home and workplace charging, allowing drivers and companies to charge where and when they need.”

Simplified management of mixed and electric fleets 
The increasing number of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on the road offers fleet managers the opportunity to electrify and reduce costs in their fleets, though the nature of operating mixed fleets has given rise to additional administrative complexity. UTA Edenred’s new integrated mobility solution offers a wide range of benefits.

It enables drivers to locate and activate charging stations for electric vehicles and to authorise transactions. Fleet managers get a good overview of the usage profiles of their electric, hybrid and conventionally powered vehicles through detailed reporting. The overview of this data enables mixed fleet operators to report more accurately and helps them to keep a closer eye on the carbon footprint of their fleet. 

With UTA Edenred's solution, customers receive an integrated invoice for their multi-energy consumption and thus have all expenses available transparently in one place, which significantly reduces the administrative effort and saves fleet managers time and work.  

Charging wherever you need it: On the road, at the workplace and at drivers’ homes
UTA Edenred and ChargePoint will also enable charging across the transport ecosystem. This will allow companies to take advantage of the most cost effective and time efficient opportunities for charging, whether this be at the workplace, overnight at the drivers’ homes, or at the hundreds of thousands of chargers available publicly. This enables fleet managers to operate fleets more flexibly and economically, whilst still having a consolidated transaction overview to manage cost, monitor savings and reimburse drivers for charging at home.