Toll Collect OBU / Toll2GO

Convenient toll billing in Germany

In Germany, the HGV toll is collected for all domestic and foreign vehicles and vehicle combinations of road haulage with a permissible gross weight of ≥ 7.5 tonnes. With an on-board unit from the German toll operator Toll Collect, you can settle the toll for all motorways and trunk roads. The amount of the toll depends on the number of axles on your vehicle, the distance travelled on the toll route, as well as the pollutant class.

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Toll2GO: Expansion to the Austrian toll context

In addition to the toll routes in Germany, you can also use your Toll Collect OBU to settle Austrian tolls. To use the service, you must submit an application directly with the Austrian toll operator ASFINAG via the SelfCare Portal. After a positive outcome of the application review, the Toll Collect toll box is activated and unlocked by Toll Collect. The relevant contract information is stored on your OBU without the need to visit a GO sales location.
If your vehicle was previously equipped with an Austrian GO-Box, this must be returned to ASFINAG to avoid incorrect toll bookings. Exchanging your GO-Box for a Toll Collect toll box is free of charge!


  • Germany
  • Austria (Toll2GO - after registration with ASFINAG)

Vehicles ≥ 7,5 t

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    There are no fees for the OBU, but it remains the property of Toll Collect. Only the installation of the OBU will incur costs.

    Depending on the model, the OBU is installed in the DIN slot or mounted on the dashboard of your vehicle. The installation must be carried out by a service partner.

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