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Prevent fuel card fraud

Protect yourself with knowledge

Fuel card fraud is on the rise in Europe. Companies with international fleets in particular find it challenging to keep track of how their fuel cards are used. At the same time, drivers need to be aware of fuel card fraud to help prevent financial losses.

The white paper offers you:

  • An overview of the different types of fraud and key risks in specific countries.

  • Strategies and actions you can take to protect yourself against fraud.

  • Best practice guidance on what to do if you fall victim to fraud.

With this knowledge, you can:

  • Prevent fraud and mitigate financial losses to your company.

  • Educate and sensitise your drivers and personnel to risks.

  • Choose tools and services to help you identify risks and detect fraud at an early stage.

  • React quickly and follow proper procedures in the event of fraud.

Read our free white paper and protect your drivers against fuel card fraud.