The UTA EasyFuel® digital fuel card


Increased card security


Contactless processing via smartphone


Available at many fuel stations

Our new digital fuel service

Relaxed and safe with UTA EasyFuel®

Any professional driver who spends a lot of time in their vehicle appreciates anything that will make their day-to-day activities more convenient. After a long day on the road, there’s one thing you don't want to face when you refuel your vehicle: queuing at the checkout and finding out that your card has been compromised by a fraudster.

That's why UTA Edenred now offers the perfect addition to your UTA fuel card: With the new UTA EasyFuel® smartphone app, you don’t have to queue after you refuel. Instead, you can process your fuel charges on the spot, conveniently and securely with our app. In doing so, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a digital fuel card.

Advantages of the UTA EasyFuel digital fuel card

UTA EasyFuel® enables you to refuel more conveniently and securely than ever before. Here are some of its benefits:

Increased card security

Using a digital fuel card reduces the risk of card data being skimmed by criminals at public terminals.

Wide availability

Currently supported at over {$Easy fuel stations} service stations in Europe, with more to follow! with more to follow!


No more queueing at checkout after you refuel.

Contactless processing

Cashless and secure transactions via your smartphone

Numerous partners

UTA EasyFuel®can be used at fuel stations operated by Tamoil, Westfalen, Q1, AVIA, Team Energy and others.

Saves time

Reinvest the time you would have spent queuing into more important tasks.

How does the UTA EasyFuel app work?

It's fast, simple and easy to use!

To fuel with UTA EasyFuel , simply open the app on your smartphone and select the fuel station and pump number. Then fuel as usual, confirm when you're finished and continue your journey without having to visit the till!

Activating the app for your drivers

To activate the UTA EasyFuel digital fuel card for your drivers, you must first be a UTA customer.

Not a UTA customer yet?

No problem! Simply fill out the form and request a non-binding offer to become a UTA customer and benefit from our fuel cards!

Already a UTA customer?

Simply log in to the UTA customer portal to register your drivers and activate UTA EasyFuel on their behalf.

UTA EasyFuel® already activated?

UTA EasyFuel - FAQ

Do I need a UTA fuel card to use UTA EasyFuel?

Yes, you cannot currently use UTA EasyFuel without a UTA fuel card.

Can I complete the entire refuelling process with the app?

Yes, with UTA EasyFuel, you can conveniently complete the refuelling process at your vehicle. Simply open the UTA EasyFuel app, select the station and pump number, and fuel as usual. You'll never need to visit the till again!

Do UTA Edenred customers have to pay for UTA EasyFuel?

No. As a UTA Edenred customer, you can enjoy the benefits of the digital fuel card free of charge.

How do I get access to the app and what requirements must be met?

Simply log in to the  UTA Service Center to register your drivers and activate UTA EasyFuel on their behalf. They will then receive access data to begin using it on their smartphones. The app can be downloaded from iOS AppStore, GooglePlay Store or Huawei AppGallery.

At which fuel stations can I use UTA EasyFuel?

UTA EasyFuel can be used at over {$Easy fuel stations} fuel stations in Europe. Please note that the app does not work at all service stations in the UTA network. More stations will be added soon.

Enjoy all the benefits of our digital fuel card

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