The UTA fuel and charge card for your fleet


As a UTA customer, you can order in just a few clicks!


{$E-charge stations europe}+  public charging points in {$E-charge countries} countries


One card covering multiple charging station operators


Charge on the road, at work or at home


Transparent uniform tariff in Germany


Normal, fast and ultra-fast charging speeds


Charging, fuelling, car washes and more

Filling up and charging at a competitive price


Book the UTA eCharge option now in addition to your fuel card package (Compact, Comfort or Premium) and benefit from our uniform charging rate in Germany!


€0.95 per card per month

  • Approximately {$E-charge stations compact} fuel stations in Germany
  • Fee-based vehicle services (e.g. cleaning, accessories, tyre, repair


€2.45 per card per month

  • Approximately {$E-charge stations comfort} fuel stations in Germany
  • Vehicle services (e.g. cleaning, accessories, tyre, repair) free of charge in Germany


€3.45 per card per month

  • Approximately {$E-charge stations premium} fuel stations in {$E-charge countries} countries
  • Vehicle services (e.g. cleaning, accessories, tyre, repair) free of charge in Europe


Additional from {$eCharge price} per month per card

UTA eCharge®

Public charging with clearly outlined costs

Transparent charging tariff for Germany for easy cost control

AC (normal charging) €0.50/kWh
DC (quick charging) €0.65/kWh
High-cost operator* €0.84/kWh
Blocking charge* (AC from 210 min | DC from 60 min) €0.10/min


*The prices shown are not fixed prices, but represent the price valid at the time the contract is concluded. The prices are subject to adjustment to the conditions on the free market.
The prices that apply to the respective charging process are therefore always the ones for the respective country of delivery or charging station, that can be viewed or referenced in the UTA eCharge charging tariff list.
The customer is obliged to inform himself about the current prices in the UTA Service Centre at before each charging process and also to inform his users accordingly about the applicable tariffs.
The use of all other services in connection with your UTA eCard is governed by the tariff list in your contract. Your UTA eCard is subject to the tariff list valid for your contractual relationship, which can be viewed in the UTA Service Center ( The UTA service fee can be found in the service surcharge list. Otherwise, agreed conditions apply.

Key UTA eCharge® benefits

Easy and time- and cost-efficient to use

Charging points when you need them

Use of public charging stations as well as charging stations at the workplace or at home (in preparation) allow you to customise your fleet supply as well as save time and money.

Nationwide coverage with over {$E-charge stations europe} charging points in Europe

Enjoy security of supply through our growing national charging network. For an overview, download the ChargePoint app now from the  iOS App Store or from Google Play .

Normal, fast and ultra-fast charging speeds

The right charging speed every time: Stations with 3.7 to 400 kW or more guarantee your drivers the right charging speed in any situation - whether they're commuting in the city or on a long-distance drive.

Own charging infrastructure

As your end-to-end mobility partner, UTA Edenred, will help you to plan, instal and operate your own charging stations.

Simplify your fleet management

With UTA Edenred, fleet management is easier than ever: One card, contract, invoice and report – all from a single partner! You'll get a complete overview of expenses, reduce paperwork and enjoy high levels of security through cashless processing.

Charge, refuel and more!

In addition to charging, you can use UTA eCharge to fuel your hybrid vehicle, settle tolls or get washes and tyre repairs.

Full cost control

Wherever you charge: Through our transparent UTA eCharge tariff, you'll benefit from fixed, uniform prices in Germany and, as a result, can calculate your fleet costs in advance.

Enjoy unrestricted mobility with UTA eCharge®!

A comprehensive solution for all your fleet requirements: A fuel and charge card in one

With the new UTA eCharge card, it's easier than ever to charge your electric or hybrid vehicles! Whether you use your UTA eCard or the app, you'll get full access to our Europe-wide charging network of {$E-charge stations europe} public charging points at uniform rates. In addition, we'll help you to set up operational charging stations and, in the future, domestic wallboxes for your drivers - all with one solution.

Furthermore, you'll benefit from the cashless processing of fuel and tolls as well as UTA Plus services .  

UTA eCharge keeps your fleet mobile at all times and enables your drivers to enjoy satisfying journeys in their electric or hybrid vehicle!

Order your UTA eCard today and benefit from many advantages. Good to know: The UTA eCard is available as a driver or vehicle card. You decide which type of card suits you and your fleet best.

Charge where and when you want

On the go, at work or at home


Charging on the road at public stations


Whether on the motorway or parking in the city, with UTA eCharge you can access a Europe-wide charging network at uniform rates.

  • A single card for different operators (e-roaming)
  • A network of more than {$E-charge stations europe} charging points in {$E-charge countries} European countries
  • Charging stations from 3.7 to 400 kW and beyond, so your drivers can choose the appropriate charging speed for any situation (normal, fast or ultra-fast charging).
  • Compatible with current electric vehicle models
  • Find available, compatible charging stations quickly and easily via the smartphone app
  • Convenient start and stop charging at many stations via app
  • Transparent, low prices thanks to the uniform tariff

Convenient charging on company premises


Enable your drivers, employees, customers and business partners to charge their vehicles on your company premises with UTA eCharge!

Whether you operate company cars or delivery or service vehicles, with your own charging stations, your vehicles will be charged and ready for their next journey. You'll save money through your own electricity contract and simplified fleet management, as your drivers and employees will no longer have to spend valuable time searching for charging stations.

In addition, your guests will enjoy the convenience of being able to charge at your premises and return to a fully charged car - a key advantage for your business!

  • Consultation and planning from UTA Edenred, aligned to your fleet requirements.
  • Broad portfolio of AC and DC charging stations for normal and fast charging plus load management solutions to reduce strain on power lines
  • Intelligent software solution facilitates management of corporate charging points:
    • Administration of charging points via the cloud, including access management, tariff settings, reporting, remote diagnostics and more
    • Maintenance and service on site or via phone
    • App-based waiting list feature provides automated notifications on the utilisation of charging points
  • Initiate charging processes quickly and easily via your UTA eCard or ChargePoint app
  • Optional: Monetise your charging points through semi-public use with your own tariffs and access times

Frequently asked questions

What is a fuel and charge card?

A fuel and charge card such as the UTA eCard allows you to refuel your vehicle and charge it publicly and privately. In addition, you can use the card to obtain workshop services, vehicle washes and tolls from a large number of acceptance partners .
A collective invoice is sent to your company, adding to the convenience.

How does a fuel and charge card work?

The UTA fuel and charge card contains a magnetic strip on the back of the card so that the card can be used to process fuel transactions. The card is presented at the gas station and inserted into a terminal. For security reasons, it may still be necessary to enter a PIN.

For charging electric vehicles, the service card also contains an RFID chip that can be used to start and stop charging sessions at public and appropriately equipped private charging stations.
All refueling transactions and charging sessions are then billed to your company.

How much does a fuel and charge card cost?

You pay a monthly fee for the UTA eCard and benefit from discounts, uniform tariffs and discounted fuel prices. 

For fuel and Plus Services, you pay a surcharge on purchased services. When charging in Germany, the uniform UTA tariff applies. This allows you to charge with alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) at predictable costs. Please refer to the UTA eCharge tariff list for costs. 

When is a fuel and charging card worthwhile?

Whether you have a company car or delivery or service vehicle, you'll benefit from multiple advantages:
With UTA's fuel and charge card, you'll simplify the billing of your fleet costs and gain access to a wide range of operators. 

In the field of electric mobility, you'll avoid a multitude of contracts and charge cards and be able to supply your electric and hybrid vehicles with electricity, fuel and services when they're on the road. The UTA eCard is also your access medium for charging solutions at drivers' homes and at your workplace.

Where can I charge with the UTA fuel and charge card?

With the UTA eCard, you can charge your electric and hybrid vehicles through our Europe-wide network of over {$E-charge stations europe} public charging points in {$E-charge countries} countries. You can find stations on the road at any time via our mobile app.

Can I charge at home and work with the UTA card or just at public charging stations?

UTA eCharge is a comprehensive solution that allows your vehicles to be charged wherever they're parked. This includes charging at work, in the depot or at home. 

You benefit from simplified fleet management, cost savings through your own charging infrastructure (as electricity costs are handled via your own electricity contract and you are not dependent on charging prices at public charging stations) and a high degree of convenience for drivers, employees and business customers. 

As your partner, we'll support you, in conjunction with ChargePoint, to set up charging infrastructure on your company premises, from planning and installation to using your own charging stations.

In the future, UTA eCharge will support home wallboxes for your drivers and employees, enabling them to charge their vehicles at home. More information will follow soon.

How can I get a fuel and charge card?

New customers must first register on to receive customer and access data. You can then order the required number of UTA eCards in the UTA customer portal.

Existing UTA customers can order cards via the UTA customer portal.

What other services can I use with the fuel and charge card?

With the UTA eCard, you can not only supply your fleet with electricity and fuel, but also benefit from UTA Plus Services. You can also use the card for vehicle washes, tolls, workshop services and more from a large number of acceptance partners. We invoice these for you together with your refuelling and charging costs.

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