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The right accessories at the right time - with UTA Plus Service

You drive Europe's roads every day and expect your vehicle to operate seamlessly. In the end, it's about more than just mobility.

But daily use can strain on your vehicle. Thus, it's no surprise when it gets jammed or stuck. Ultimately, no car part lasts forever and wear and tear from heavy use is normal. What's important isn't minor cosmetic flaws, but your safety and that of other road users. 

Európa nagy és az útjai hosszúak. As a result, your trusted car repair shop or vehicle accessories supplier is not always within reach. 

Hogyan jusson el biztonságosan az úticéljához függetlenül attól, hogy hol van?   Thanks to UTA Plus Services you don't need to worry!

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Európa-szerte elérhető

As a reliable partner for your safety, we -- together with our growing Europe-wide network of fuel stations and specialised accessory dealers -- ensure your vehicle is always operable. Through our services, you can always obtain parts that contribute to your vehicle's safety. These include:

  • Kopóalkatrészek 
  • Fogyóeszközök 
  • Pótalkatrészek 

Thanks to an increasing number of local partners, we are able to offer a large selection of vehicle replacement parts at fair prices in many parts of Europe. You will always find what you're looking for, and you can continue on your route safely.

Nekünk a mobilitás azt jelenti, hogy az Ön gépjárművei mindig üzemképesek legyenek és Ön biztonságosan eljusson a céljához.  Mi ezt Önnek biztosítjuk!

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