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UTA and The ai Corporation partner to tackle fuel card fraud

UTA and The ai Corporation partner to tackle fuel card fraud

UTA has partnered with The ai Corporation (ai), an expert for fraud prevention and payment solutions.

This new partnership is founded on developing additional protection for UTA customers from the evolving global threat of fuel card fraud. The ai Corporation’s services will complement UTA's established range of security measures and the activities of UTA's internal fraud detection team.

ai’s service, which is powered by ai’s new automated machine learning, combines the latest advanced technology solutions, along with best-in-class fraud analytics expertise, aimed at preventing the latest global fraud trends.

UTA always strives to offer its customers the best possible security for their cards and transactions. In view of the steadily increasing risk of fuel card fraud and the technically sophisticated and innovative fraud methods, UTA is therefore continuously adapting systems and processes for the prevention and detection of fraud. The cooperation with ai and the introduction of algorithm-based and artificial intelligence-driven automated fraud detection brings UTA’s security standards to a new level.

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