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UTA One® next – The new generation of EETS toll solution

With UTA One® next, we are now offering customers the next generation of our interoperable toll settlement device for the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS). The new on-board unit (OBU) combines the proven performance of its UTA One® predecessor with new, smart technology for easier and more intuitive operation. 

EETS OBU with 4G and smart functionality

UTA One next supports the 4G mobile radio standard, ensuring it can be used long into the future. Featuring a compact, space-saving design, the device requires permanent installation in the vehicle. A smartphone app can be used to change vehicle settings such as number of axles or category, and to view active toll contexts and information such as the vehicle declaration. Alternatively, the OBU can be operated via buttons on the device, with setting changes confirmed via a voice guide. Later, operating and setting changes of the OBU via AI-based voice control will be possible.

UTA One next users such as fleet managers will receive access to an online platform through which they can monitor their OBU(s) in real time. They can see on-board data and OBU status. In addition, they can set the number of axles, vehicle categories and toll contexts. 

UTA One next remains the most comprehensive EETS solution on the market

Available toll contexts remain as extensive as ever with UTA One next: It covers 17 toll contexts in 15 European countries – retaining its predecessor’s position as the most comprehensive European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) solution on the market. And UTA Edenred already plans to expand the number of supported toll contexts with the forthcoming addition of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. 

Optional extension: UTA’s SmartConnect® telematics service

As with UTA One®, UTA One® next can be used in conjunction with UTA’s SmartConnect telematics service, which provides fleet managers with detailed insights into fleet activities and performance. 

You can find more info about UTA One® next here: www.uta.com/en/solutions/products/toll-solutions-lu/uta-one