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UTA One® toll box now covers Scandinavia and Switzerland

UTA's proven, interoperable UTA One® toll box now supports tolls in Scandinavia and Switzerland, including Liechtenstein. With 13 toll contexts in 12 European countries, UTA One® is the most comprehensive European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) solution on the market.

To date, UTA One® has enabled convenient toll processing in Belgium (plus Liefkenshoektunnel), Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Poland (A4), Portugal and Spain. Now, toll systems in Norway (ferries and motorway bridges), Sweden (bridges), Denmark (bridges) and Switzerland (including Liechtenstein) have been added.

The new toll contexts are installed on the on-board unit (OBU) using an over-the-air update. Activation for each country can be carried out effective immediately by customers through the UTA customer service portal.

And, UTA One® users have even more reason to be happy: UTA One® will be extended to support more European countries in the coming months.

More info: https://web.uta.com/en/solutions/products/toll-solutions-lu/uta-one