Diesel prices in Europe

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How are diesel prices changing in Europe?

Everything you need to know about the price of diesel

While the price of petrol has risen steadily over the years, the price of diesel has fluctuated. While it recorded a low in 0 and was cheaper than it had been since 1, the price of diesel has climbed steadily since the end of 2. Nevertheless, its price remains below that of petrol.


Fuel prices fluctuate across Europe

The price of petrol and diesel was particularly low at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. In Europe, fuel is most expensive in Sweden and least costly in Bulgaria. Germany's diesel prices sit somewhere in the middle. 

It's clear that the prices of both fuels will rise in the medium term. The reason? The rising price of CO2. When it comes to searching for cost-effective petrol stations, UTA Edenred fuel planning tools can help customers save multiple cents per litre.

Fuelling in Europe: Where does a litre cost the least?

Fuel in demand: Here you can find a comparison of the current average diesel prices across key refuelling markets in Europe. Bookmark this page to stay up to date on fuel costs. 

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What is the price of diesel fuel?

Taxes (mineral excise duty, oil stock contribution and VAT) are fixed components of the price. Other factors in the overall cost include the price of crude oil and the cost of forwarding, distribution and administration -- plus a profit for the respective oil company.
Diesel prices vary from country to country - but why? Oil prices on international markets are the same, but different countries have different taxes. This is the reason behind low diesel prices in countries such as Poland or the Czech Republic.

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