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The toll box for Croatia

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ENC toll box for Croatia

Simple toll billing in Croatia

With the ENC on-board unit, settle the toll for Croatia on the routes of select concessionaires for vehicles over 3.5 t. Vehicle category and distance traveled are used to calculate the toll. By presenting your  UTA Full Service Card  you can obtain the vehicle-related toll box easily at sales locations for the vehicle categories 3 and 4 in the postpay procedure.

Those who process their toll charges fully electronically and without using cash enjoy attractive discounts! The toll charges are billed conveniently in your UTA collective invoice.

What does ENC stand for?

ENC is an abbreviation of elektronička naplata cestarine -- or electronic toll collection. With an ENC OBU, tolls are recorded and settled electronically.

Which tolls are covered by the ENC toll box?

Croatia (the routes of HAC and ARZ concessionaires)

Which vehicle types is the on-board unit suitable for?

Vehicles > 3.5 t

Attractive discounts possible:

Along with the mandatory discount of 30,43%, you can request additional discounts. They are granted depending on the emission class. In total, you could get a discount of up to 35% on the toll charges! Talk to us directly for more information on this topic!

How do you order the ENC box?

  • Are you a UTA customer?

    You can obtain the ENC toll box by presenting your  UTA Full Service Card  and the following documents directly at sales points in Croatia:
    • Application form
    • Request for additional discounts for vehicles with emission class 4 or better
    • Copy of the representative's passport/ID
    • Copy or original of vehicle registration
    • Copy or original of emission class certificate (if not specified in the vehicle registration)
    • Copy or original of the trailer registration (only applies if you have a trailer with your HGV, because an additional OBU is needed for the trailer)
  • Not a UTA customer?

    Become a UTA customer right now and benefit from the many advantages of toll processing through UTA!

    Become a UTA customer now!

How much does the toll box cost?

Please contact us for a tailored offer!

How do you install the OBU?

The on-board unit is easily attached to the windscreen of your vehicle using adhesive tape.

Through Croatia with UTA!

Obtain your ENC box for your journeys through Croatia easily by presenting your UTA Full Service Card! This way, you stay mobile at all times! We're happy to answer any questions you have.

The ENC OBU offers many options - our experts will be happy to show you personally what options are available:

Are you a UTA customer?

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