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A solution for toll billing in Austria


GO-Box for Austria

Toll billing made simple


For all vehicles with a permissible gross weight of more than 3.5 t, the Austrian toll operator ASFINAG charges a performance or distance-related toll. With the GO-Box, you can settle this toll in a convenient, cashless manner. With UTA, there are two possibilities to settle the the GO-toll:

  • Postpay process
    The postpay process enables you to settle the billing of the GO-toll afterwards. Your tolls appear as a separate item on your UTA bill.
  • Prepay process
    In the prepay process, you load a credit to your GO-Box by presenting your UTA Full Service Card . The fees for generated transactions are subsequently offset against this balance.

Easily order your toll box for Austrian motorways and expressways via UTA. With us you are always mobile and flexible!

Which tolls are covered by the GO-Box?


Which vehicle types is the on-board unit suitable for?

Vehicles > 3.5 t

How do you order the GO-Box?

How do you receive your OBU?

After ordering your GO-Box via UTA, you will receive a collection code with which you can pick up the toll box at a local distribution point.

How much does the GO-Box cost?

Please contact us for an individual offer tailored to your needs!

How do you install the OBU?

The on-board unit is easily attached to the windscreen of your vehicle using adhesive tape.

How long is the GO-Box valid?

GO-Box is valid for two years following the last prepay top-up. When using a Postpay procedure, validity ends with an empty battery.

Which lane do I have to drive in with GO-Box?

Vehicles over 3.5t must use the far right lane on toll-settling sections.

Drive through Austria with UTA Edenred

Just order your GO-Box via UTA for your journeys through Austria. This way, you stay mobile at all times! Please contact us with any questions..


Contact us and we will show you the possibilities of the GO-Box with UTA Edenred:

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