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Refuel easily with your smartphone: UTA Edenred launches digital fuel card UTA EasyFuel®.

UTA EasyFuel makes the advantages and functions of the UTA fuel card available via app: Fleet managers and drivers both stand to benefit from greater conve

Jan 25, 2024

UTA EasyFuel makes the advantages and functions of the UTA fuel card available via app: Fleet managers and drivers both stand to benefit from greater convenience, higher security, faster refueling and a better overview of their fuel purchases. 

  • More convenience at the gas station: Choose which gas pump and handle everything from the vehicle, no waiting in line at the cash register
  • Higher security: card theft and misuse of card data no longer possible
  • The UTA EasyFuel App is available from the Apple App StoreGoogle Play and Huawei AppGallery
  • Rollout for more than service stations in the DACH region, other EU countries to follow over time  

UTA EasyFuel uses the technology of CarPay-Diem, a leading European company that specializes in mobile payment solutions. More information can be found under the following link:

> more about UTA EasyFuel

Contactless settlement of refueling transactions via smartphone

The corona pandemic has further strengthened drivers’ desire to use contactless refueling. Credit cards have long been part of everyday life anyway. Mobile apps, Apple Pay and PayPal are also becoming increasingly popular, especially in the private sector. For commercial customers, however, it’s not the payment app on the smartphone that matters most to them; they are demanding automated and supplier-independent collective billing for all tank fillings.

Fuel cards, like those from UTA Edenred, that can be used at a comprehensive, Europe-wide network of acceptance points, have therefore become quite popular. They put an end to time-consuming posting of individual receipts and tedious paperwork; instead, fleet managers receive just one detailed invoice that lists all of their expenses.

The digital fuel card UTA EasyFuel offers all these benefits and, thanks to mobile processing, once again significantly increases the speed, security and transparency of the processes. „For customers, that means a faster and more convenient fueling experience. In CarPay-Diem, we’ve found the ideal mobile processing implementation partner,“ explains Carsten Bettermann, CEO of UTA Edenred.

„The launch of UTA EasyFuel is an important step in our journey to becoming an all-in-one digital platform for our customers' mobility requirements," adds Lukas Schneider, Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer at UTA Edenred.

Easier, faster, safer refueling with the UTA EasyFuel App

EasyFuel is an important step away from the plastic card toward the purely digital handling of refueling processes. More than 1,000 service stations in the DACH region have been added to the app as acceptance points since the start of the rollout, and new stations are being added every day. With the traditional UTA fuel card as a supplement, drivers now have a seamless network of service stations at their disposal.

The transaction is easy to process and user friendly thanks to the UTA EasyFuel App. The driver enters the number of the pump chosen and the system automatically activates the pump and processes the refueling process – in real time and in compliance with data protection regulations.

UTA EasyFuel not only eliminates the need to stand in line at the cash register. It also puts a stop to fraud, especially the theft of fuel cards and the misuse of card data. Last, but not least, fleet managers receive a faster overview of their fuel purchases.

In an initial step, UTA Edenred will roll out UTA EasyFuel in the DACH region by the end of the first half of 2022. This will provide UTA fuel card customers with one of the largest mobile acceptance networks in the region. The digital fuel card will gradually be made available in other European countries by the end of the year. The UTA EasyFuel App is available for iOS, Android, and Huawei devices and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Huawei AppGallery free of charge.

“As one of the leading fuel card providers with a Europe-wide network of acceptance points and decades of market experience, UTA Edenred is the ideal application partner for our services. We look forward to driving this project forward together,” said Frederic Stiernon and Alain Tayenne, the founders of CarPay-Diem, on the joint development of UTA EasyFuel.