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UTA Edenred launches "Move for Good", a programme that accompanies its clients on their transition towards green mobility

Supports more environmentally friendly yet economical mobility Provides access to alternative fuels and electric charging facilities Delivers CO2 compensat

Nov 15, 2022

  • Supports more environmentally friendly yet economical mobility
  • Provides access to alternative fuels and electric charging facilities
  • Delivers CO2 compensation via the UTA Carbon Offset programme

Kleinostheim, Germany – UTA Edenred, a leading mobility service provider in Europe and an Edenred company, today introduced Move for Good, a programme that enables transportation, logistics and fleet customers to reduce their carbon footprint and operate in a more sustainable manner. The programme also contributes to the protection of global ecosystems and biodiversity.

A global Edenred Group programme, Move for Good combines economics with environmental awareness and strategic goals with concrete measures. It is already operational in several European and Latin American countries and is currently deployed globally.

The Move for Good programme is designed around four pillars:

  1. Awareness – Instil the importance of offsetting emissions and embracing sustainability within the industry.
  2. Reduce & avoid – Lower operational emissions through a wide range of measures.
  3. Offset – Compensate for customer CO2 emissions through certified projects.
  4. Recovery – Go beyond neutralising the impact of CO2 to facilitating recovery through hands-on projects

Raising awareness
Spotlighting the importance of more environmentally friendly transportation and mobility solutions is a major aspect of Move for Good. The programme aims to raise awareness for the industry’s impact on the environment and intends to promote alternative, more sustainable practices and technologies.

Reduced emissions via fuel savings, alternative fuels and electric mobility
As basic means for more sustainable mobility, UTA Edenred offers tools and services to help increase efficiency in fleet management and in route and fuel planning, thereby enabling customers to reduce fuel consumption and hence emissions. Through its acceptance network of 56,000 service stations across Europe, UTA Edenred provides customers with access to alternative fuels such as biodiesel, LNG and CNG in addition to conventional fuels. Charging facilities for electric and hybrid vehicles are also available. For this purpose, UTA Edenred has unveiled an electric charging solution – UTA eCharge – in conjunction with charging network operator ChargePoint. Already available in Germany, UTA eCharge provides access to more than 331,000 public charging points in 33 countries across Europe. UTA Edenred's multi-energy offer for all drives can be used conveniently and efficiently throughout Europe with the UTA eCard.  

Offsetting emissions with “UTA Carbon Offset”
To compensate for the emissions of fleets, UTA Edenred offers customers its new Carbon Offset programme. Through the programme, the CO2 emissions of a fleet are calculated based on the amount of fuel settled with a UTA card, then converted into environmental impact and offset by up to 100% through investments in certified climate protection projects in Europe and beyond.
UTA Carbon Offset is an easy-to-use, transparent and cost-efficient solution. The cost of the programme is itemised on customers’ monthly UTA invoices. Customers receive an annual emissions certificate as proof of their CO2 offset.
The programme complies with international standards, is audited by an independent and recognised accounting firm and is certified by Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Gold Standard. UTA Carbon Offset is offered in partnership with PDI Technologies, a leading provider of sustainability programmes.

Recovery measures
As a contribution to climate protection and the preservation of our ecosystems, with Move for Good UTA Edenred supports projects in the areas of solar and wind energy as well as reforestation of already damaged areas such as the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil.

Carsten Bettermann, CEO at UTA Edenred, says: “Our Fleet and Mobility solutions provide a wide range of value-added products and services enabling customers to efficiently manage their fleets and optimize their mobility costs. Through our Move for Good programme we now also help them reduce their environmental impact. They can enter the new era of electromobility and alternative fuels, meet tightening emissions requirements, contribute to creating a greener industry ecosystem and safeguard global communities. With Move for Good our customers don’t have to choose between sustainability and profitability, they can have both at the same time.