TMB / Mont Blanc - Fréjus card

Convenient billing for tolls between France and Italy


TMB / Mont Blanc - Fréjus card

Save money with the TMB card in the cross-country tunnels!


With the TMB card, also known as Mont Blanc - Fréjus card, you can conveniently settle the tolls for the Mont Blanc and Fréjus tunnels between France and Italy via your UTA invoice.

With this subscription card, you also benefit from exclusive discounts on your passage through the Mont Blanc and Fréjus tunnels! You save money on every trip with the application of the most economical price! You will also be refunded a part of the annual toll depending on the generated revenue.

Obtain your TMB toll card directly from UTA and secure numerous advantages! We take over all administrative tasks for you.

Which tolls can be paid with the TMB card?

  • Mont Blanc Tunnel (France-Italy)
  • Fréjus tunnel (France-Italy)

Which vehicle types is the TMB card suitable for?

  • Category 3: Buses and HGVs with 2 axels and a total height of more than 3 m. 
  • Category 4: Buses and HGVs with a total height of more than 3 m. 
  • Commercial vehicles with a total height exceeding 3 m.
  • Special transport

Your advantages with the TMB card:

  • Attractive Discounts:
    You get the best price every time you pass through the tunnel!
  • Annual partial refunds:
    A part of the annual toll charges in the Mont Blanc and the Fréjus tunnels will be refunded depending on the volume of toll transactions. Contact us for details!
  • Convenient settlement:
    Simply settle the fees cashlessly via UTA! For frequent drivers on these routes, the TMB card is the ideal toll solution. Of course, you can also use your UTA Card for the tunnel toll. We would be happy to advise you on both settlement options and we have detailed knowledge available for you!
  • Bank guarantee by UTA:
    UTA assumes the bank guarantee required by the tunnel operators on your behalf. We also take care of all administrative tasks so that you can focus fully on your fleet and your journeys.

How do you order the TMB card?

  • Are you a UTA customer?

    Just order your TMB card online in the customer portal and benefit from attractive discounts and our full service!

    Explore the UTA customer portal

  • Not a UTA customer?

    Become a UTA customer and gain access to many advantages in toll processing via UTA!

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How long does it take to deliver the TMB card?

The delivery time is approximately 7-10 working days.

How much does the TMB Card cost?

Please contact us for an individual offer tailored to your needs. We are happy to advise you!

Stay mobile with UTA!

Order your TMB toll card for the Mont Blanc and Fréjus tunnels directly from UTA! With us, you save money, energy, and time! We're happy to answer any questions you have.


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