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Travel with ease through Luxembourg!


Tolls in Luxembourg

Travel with ease through Luxembourg!

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the states that charge a toll for heavy goods traffic ≥ 12 t in the electronic Eurovignette system. By booking this vignette, you can travel on motorways and selected express roads within the electronic Eurovignette member states.

The charge for the electronic vignette depends on the number of axles, pollution class of the HGV, and desired period of validity.

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The toll system in Luxembourg

How is the toll collected?

Electronic, open system:

You'll receive authorisation to use toll roads when you book the electronic Eurovignette.

The basis for the toll obligation in Luxembourg and criteria for calculating the toll amount is: number of axles, emission class and period of validity.

For further information, see our overview of the electronic Eurovignette:


Whether or not a Eurovignette is saved in the system for a particular vehicle is checked by mobile cameras and mobile inspectors. In the event of a violation, an administrative fine is assessed.  In the event of checks, a fine is usually imposed and demanded on the spot for foreign HGVs.

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HGV toll ≥ 12 t

UTA Edenred advantages in Luxembourg

Seamless toll transactions with UTA Edenred


With UTA Edenred, you enjoy numerous advantages when processing tolls in Luxembourg:
Option to book your Eurovignette conveniently and directly through the UTA customer portal or via the toll operator's portal, in which case you can enter UTA as the fulfilment partner
Information and support from our toll experts during business hours
Collective invoices
UTA customer portal: Online management of your toll media (applies to the electronic Eurovignette and UTA cards), forms and information documents
Detailed and clear billing of toll charges

UTA tax service in Luxembourg

We'll provide you with information on any tax advantages

As the electronic Eurovignette is a sovereign levy, it is not subject to VAT. Accordingly, it is not possible to claim a refund.



UTA customer portal

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In the UTA customer portal, you can find and download detailed information and documents related to individual toll acceptance media. In addition, you can view your invoices anytime.

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