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UTA List Price

Refuel with diesel at a set price.


Know the price of diesel in advance with the UTA list price for Germany and Austria!

The UTA list price makes route planning easier and more efficient


The situation:
Normally we bill you for the price that is displayed at the fuel station and the price pole at the time of refuelling - this is called the pump price. Currently in Germany, the price of pumps is subject to high fluctuations throughout the day. In addition, the prices vary greatly depending on the gas station brand and the location of the fuel station. A fixed calculation of your fuel costs is therefore very difficult.

Our solution:
The UTA list price is known and determined in advance. There it makes it easier and transparent for you to calculate your diesel costs. High price fluctuations are a thing of the past. Your drivers no longer have to pay attention to the prices at the pump. They refuel at the same price at any time of the day. A real advantage for your route planning

Now switch to the new list price and save up to 8 cents/litre of diesel!

With the new UTA list price you know the diesel prices in advance, fill up at fixed daily rates  and always have full control of costs.

Switching to the list price is particularly worthwhile for logistics companies with larger fleets. The network of list price stations is constantly being expanded and mainly extends along the major traffic routes. You benefit from the much lower list price, especially at motorway fuel stations: Save up to 8 cents per litre of diesel in comparison with leading brands!

Now switch to the new list price and save up to 8 cents/litre of diesel!


Remain up to date: As a UTA customer, you can easily call up the current daily price in advance in the UTA Service Center .


Advantages at a glance

over 900 brand-independent list price stations on highly frequented routes in Germany
No services costs on the most economic list price in Germany
Complete control over costs and flexibility tanks to a set daily price
Efficient route planning
Current list prices can be viewed in advance in the UTA customer portal
Fuel stations can be loading into all GPS
Save up to 8 cents/litre on diesel at selected fuel stations in comparison to the leading brands.

With the UTA list price, your company will also save money - our experts will be happy to advise you:

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