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UTA MultiBox®

On-board unit for various tolls in Europe


UTA MultiBox®

Our all-rounder for different tolls

With UTA MultiBox®, you can enjoy the advantages of a single, interoperable on-board unit for different tolls in Europe. Settle any tolls you incur cashlessly and benefit from attractive discounts!


Which tolls are covered by UTA MultiBox®?

  • France (TIS-PL)
  • Spain (Via-T)
  • Portugal (entire Via Verde network and on former SCUT motorways)
  • Belgium
  • Herrentunnel in Germany
  • Liefkenshoektunnel in Belgium


Which vehicle types is the OBU suitable for?

Vehicles > 3.5 tonnes

Benefits of UTA MultiBox®:

  • Attractive Discounts:
    Benefit from attractive discounts with UTA MultiBox®! Save up to 13% on the TIS-PL toll network in France; up to 50% on the Via-T network in Spain; and approximately 26%  on the Liefkenshoektunnel in Belgium.
  • Interoperability:
    UTA MultiBox® offers multiple European toll solutions in a single, practical toll box. Interoperability allows it to generate and communicate transactions in several systems simultaneously. That way, you don't need different transponders in the driver's cab.
  • Simple vehicle changes:
    Modify the respective vehicle data for the OBU with our form and reassign the OBU to another vehicle in your fleet as required. 
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  • Parking Service:
    Settle parking fees for selected guarded truck parks in France and Spain cashlessly with your on-board unit.
  • Clear invoicing:
    The UTA customer portal contains all information related to your trips. Transaction details and detailed lists of discounts per trip can be viewed online anytime. Your toll data is easily integrated into your UTA invoice. This way, as a fleet manager you always maintain the overview and you will also have additional analysis capabilities with the fleet management software UTA Drive & Save®!
  • UTA MultiBox® Manager:
    Through this application you can track your vehicles in real time, view history logs, actively plan routes and manage your fleet efficiently.


How do I order the device?

When will the device be delivered?

Delivery time is approximately 2 weeks after an order is placed.

What does the OBU cost?

Pricing details are available on request. We can also supply a quote tailored to your needs.

How do you install the OBU?

The OBU can be easily attached to the windscreen of your vehicle. Power is supplied via the vehicle's electrical system.
Please note: connection via an adapter plug does not guarantee error-free operation. Only use components included in the shipment.

How do you operate UTA MultiBox®?

Download the UTA MultiBox® user manual as a PDF here. Please contact our service department with any additional questions. Please get in touch with us anytime!

UTA MultiBox® user manual®

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Order your UTA MultiBox® here. Please contact us with any questions.

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