Fuel cards for companies

Economical, multi-brand and Europe-wide


UTA fuel cards: A cost-effective solution for your company

No matter which vehicle or how large your fleet is - you'll benefit.

Whether you're a large haulage firm or a small contractor, with UTA fuel and service cards, you'll always have a partner by your side to provide services to your fleet throughout Europe, via a comprehensive network of locations where UTA is accepted. Key advantages include:

One fuel card for everything - Europe-wide

Benefit from a variety of services with one card and no minimum purchase quantity


Using a single UTA fuel and service card, you'll benefit from numerous advantages regardless of how big your fleet is: You'll fill up at one of the largest, brand-independent fuel station networks and receive services for your vehicle at locations where UTA cards are accepted. Attractive discounts via our partners save you money. And in the UTA Service Center , you can quickly and easily view transactions for your entire fleet online, 24/7 - because the fuel card can be used for all vehicles: passenger cars, transporters, HGVs and buses.

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UTA Fuel Card FAQ

What is a UTA Fuel Card?

With a UTA fuel and service card, you can fill up at a fuel station without cash , get a vehicle wash or buy accessories. You don't need cash, or a credit or debit card. Made of plastic with a magnetic strip, the UTA fuel and service card looks similar to a credit card. It is assigned to a specific vehicle. The registration number of the vehicle is typically embossed on the card. There is an individual PINfor each card to protect it against misuse.

How does a fuel card work?

After refuelling, present your card at the till. Then type in the kilometre reading followed by the PIN code. The PIN for each card is unique. This authorises the transaction and you can continue once the transaction has been completed. Even better, you don't have to keep your receipt! 

How much does a fuel card cost?

There are different pricing models: The UTA Card is free of charge when used regularily. You only pay a service surcharge when you use the card. The surcharge is calculated as a percentage of the turnover made (amount filled * column price) per transaction. UTA gives a discount on the pump price depending on the amount of turnover. You can also choose the UTA list price model : a price that is valid for the whole day regardless of fluctuations in the column price and which is announced the day before.

What are the benefits of a UTA Fuel Card?

  • Fuel without cash and independent of brand, and use it to bill other services
  • No admission fee, no minimum turnover, no minimum fleet size
  • 14-day collective invoice showing VAT
  • Attractive payment terms
  • Attractive discounts on toll billing
  • Security: PIN code, security check and online authorisation at the POS, individual blocking limits and usage restrictions, card blocking online

When is a fuel card worthwhile?

The UTA fuel and service card is worthwhile even for one vehicle. By using the fuel card, you'll receive a discount and eliminate the hassle of paying in cash. Furthermore, you'll no longer have to collect and submit fuel receipts. Compared to a credit card, a fuel card is recognised by the tax authorities ; you simply submit our invoices directly to the tax office. We settle transactions every 14 days via a consolidated invoice with attractive payment terms.

What types of businesses is the card designed for?

UTA fuel cards offer every company the advantage of cashless and brand-independent use. They are just as suitable for transport and logistics companies and fleet operators as they are for bus operators, tradespeople and self-employed professionals.

At which petrol stations can I use the UTA fuel and service card?

In contrast to fuel cards from other issuers, you can refuel across Europe at over {$Petrol stations europe} petrol stations , including low-cost brands. You can find a list of these stations in our UTA Station Finder app.

How do I get a UTA Fuel Card?

If you're a company employee, we suggest you speak with your fleet manager . If you, as the person responsible for the fleet, would like to apply for fuel cards for your employees, you are welcome to contact us directly. We will prepare a tailored offer for you without obligation.

What other services can I use with the fuel card?

In addition to refueling, you can have your vehicle washed ; buy accessories, spare parts and tyres ; have repairs carried out; and use the breakdown service .  

Can I charge electric vehicles with the fuel card?

Our UTA eCardfor electric vehicles is designed for these needs. It allows you to charge your electric vehicle at {$E-charge stations europe} charging points - the largest such network in Europe.

Is there a minimum spend?

No, there is no minimum spend with UTA fuel and service cards.

Can I get a UTA fuel and service card as a private individual?

Unfortunately, it is exclusively for the use of business customers.